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    Vaccine after effects compensation to be borne by companies

    In a far reaching decision the government has fixed the responsibility to the company concerned which are distributing and administering the vaccine to get rid of virus and that includes hospitalization and even monetary benefits in the event of death due to vaccine shots. Earlier the companies were insisting the govt to take the burden of compensation and that is turned down squarely. This move is tactical because the companies which are more efficient with their find would only come forward and others players would be eventually out of the vaccine program.
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    I think this is quite logical. The company manufacturing the product should assure the quality. As such it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the company which is administering the vaccine should accept the responsibility of the quality. If a company is manufacturing and another company is selling the product both these companies should have an understanding regarding who will take the responsibility in case of any illness or death of the person happens after taking the vaccine. Based on those terms and conditions one of them should take up the responsibility. However, they will consider some expenditure for this also and add that to the cost of the vaccine which will be paid by the government or by the individual. Whoever pays, finally that amount will go from the user. We will say that the government will pay. But where from the government will get the money. It will collect from us only in one or the other firm as tax only.
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    No vaccine is 100% effective and the best of the vaccine also cannot claim more than 70-80% success ratio. There are some side effects also of these vaccines but they subside with time but in exceptional cases can bring some serious manifestations in some of the people. So it makes sense to give that responsibility to the companies who have manufactured those vaccines as there is good earning potential in this vaccine business and out of that profit they should plough back some money for the welfare of the vaccine recipients. It is a good decision taken by the Govt.
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    Why this vaccine is being given when it's not 100% safe and secure?. I don't understand why it's been accepted without proper experiments. Opposition parties are opposing this vaccine. Are they wrong or right?
    First front line workers are on the list. Let's see what the result comes of this vaccine. It's understood for any mishap company will pay compensation.
    I have heard the news that some people have died because of the vaccine. is it correct ?

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    As far as, I have heard that this vaccine is not 100% effective. And some people telling that side effects are there. But, what is correct? Nobody can say exactly. Some days ago, one news was highlighted that one nurses died due to this vaccine.

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    Such news is doing the rounds and I will not be surprised if there is a tussle between the government and the opposition regarding it. We all are aware of how this pandemic has changed the scenario all over the world. Everybody was eagerly awaiting the vaccine and now it has arrived in various parts of the world. The technological advancement in every field has helped to develop this vaccine much faster though its efficacy will be known in due course after it is administered to people in various places. Every medicine or vaccine has some side effects the details of which are available to the common men as well as the authorised persons and before administering it I am sure precautionary measures will be taken. I hope many of you have noticed the brochure comes with medicines that lists the side effects and a warning to discontinue it if there is any irritation. Since this is a mass immunization to stop COVID-19 that created havoc all over the world, fear is already there in the minds of people about the pandemic and when they became aware of some after effects the fear becomes more which is quite natural. While nobody wants any adverse effects after administering the vaccine at the same time proper measures should be there everywhere to tackle any such situation. All companies manufacturing the vaccines have a greater role there towards the safety of people whom the vaccines are administered.

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    The vaccine cannot be effective to the level of 100 percent but still the success rate cannot fall below 80. Hence there is still the chance of infection for some of beneficiaries receiving this vaccines. Even though it may not protect the entire population but even in that situation, we can have substantial relief from the present crisis.
    This is the initial stage and at this juncture, rate of success cannot be predicted. Let us see how it works in due course.

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    How can a mere 200 rupees vaccine is going to be the guarantor for the after effect persons?
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