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    How to recognize the real beneficiaries for central schemes ?

    I would invite the suggestions from our esteemed members to advise the Chief Secretary of Telangana who is now heading the central committee appointed by PM Modi as to identify those real beneficiaries who are going to be given with rupees 10000 as benefit to start their own business in view of pandemic loss under the PM vendor help scheme. What are the ways to identify the real beneficiaries as both the central and state govts have the data of each Individual through the Aadhar details submission and even the ration card details.
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    They can decide on the qualifications and other requirements for PM vendor help scheme. They can say 10th class as minimum qualification. They can also say that ITI certificate holders can also apply. They should ask hem to submit a proposal regarding the business they want to start and can ask them to submit details regarding the funds requirements and how they are going to arrange them. The government can decide on the initial investments levels and ask the persons applying how they are going to Arrange the funds required in addition to the financial help from the government. They can ask the applicants to attend a virtual meeting and answer the queries and make. Presentation regarding their proposal of business.
    The government can keep a condition that if the person is not starting his own business they should return money taken from the government. But the amount offered is very small and what type of business they can do with such a small amount.

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    In a country like India where there are a large number of people in each category from the beneficiary point of view, it is very difficult to find out the genuine and needy beneficiaries. Our governance is very poor in this respect and the data acquired during making of Aadhar card or voter card or PAN card or any card is not perfect and there are ambiguities specially when the earnings of the people are considered. So the administration is also helpless and whatever data is available with them they just make a list based on that and start delivering the benefits of the central Govt schemes to them.
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    As Dr Rao has already mentioned in his reply, Rs 10,000 is really a paltry sum to start a new business although I am not aware of the complete scheme details. When the government has proposed a scheme there must be some criteria to avail the benefits of the scheme. In our country, it is quite difficult to find out who falls under which criteria because in many cases it is found that benefits are provided to such persons who are neither suppose to get the benefits nor they are economically weak. In this scenario, it is not so easy to find out the right persons for such schemes. We all know how the pandemic situation has created havoc in our economy and the economic condition of the beneficiary has to be the sole criteria for selecting hem. The authorities may try to assess their nature of work before this situation and help them accordingly. The beneficiaries should also have a plan which they need to submit to the authorities and according to the feasibility of the plan, the grant may be sanctioned. The Aadhaar and Ration Card details do not have any concrete reference through which the economic condition of the person be known but the type of Ration Card one uses may indicate in which category the person falls, though there are also allegations of false information in some cases. A token benefit will not help much. The government should also find some avenues in which the beneficiaries can be roped in to start their new ventures.

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    The intention of the government is to help the genuine persons to help them with some financial incentives to the extent of Rs 10,000/- in setting up a business for their sustenance. The package as stated is too low to start a business unless some additional money to the level of Rs 40,000/- is injected so that they can start the business something like street food or the work of vegetable vendors.
    The process of screening out the genuine aspirants would be rather difficult unless they go through the ration - card which could detect their BPL status. Again it would be difficult how long this would take in the finalisation of the process. Keeping in view of the amount being paltry this needs to be revised liberally so that their wishes for setting up a business materialises.

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    Govt is already having the data base of the people in form of PAN card or Aadhar card and already BPL and poor people are identified so recognising the poor and needy for Govt schemes should not be a difficult task. If there is some confusion or bottleneck in that then it means that our database is faulty. If it is so then it is a very alarming situation as if the database itself is not reliable then what to talk of other things.
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    In the name of special committee the sound beneficiaries would be eliminated.
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