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    Are schools and colleges going to the same again anytime now?

    There is some talk of schools and colleges re-opening again. The air is full of discussions about the "new normal". Teachers, now used to months of online education, have to face the students again. Is this going to be complex and more confusing?

    How are anxious parents going to adjust to new realities? Even if the vaccines work over a period of six months, when will we get back to normal and the use of masks is just not required at all? And better still, when will our teachers and students study without any fear of any adverse consequences at all?

    Given the present trends when the fear of the virus is far less than ever before, when do you think that we can hope to be back in jam-packed trains and in the buses? And yes, shake hands with all our friends?
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    Even if it takes six months I don't think schools will reopen again and the school life will be like it was before the pandemic. But that's for sure when the schools reopen parents life will need to readjusted as the moms wake up at 8 am and then again they will have to wake up at 6am and get the kids ready. No more mobile phone/laptops for the kids.

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    Welcome back. How was your surgery? Hope it went well.

    Pandemic is still not over. British prime minister has imposed lockdown again. the cases of the new surge have been reported in India too. Schools and colleges should not be opened as the situation is still not back on track. However, people are not worried about the pandemic. It appears that we are now accustomed to living with the pandemic. How long people can live under fear.
    Online classes should be continued until a vaccine is given to all.

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    Sir, thank you. The surgery went on well. Am okay now. This Covid fear is still real among people. A particular cause for concern is the re-opening of schools and colleges. Hopefully, the vaccine will be very effective. We all hope for the best of times to return.

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    Happy to see you back after successful surgery. The schools may reopen but the parents may not send their children to schools.
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    Hope you recovered fully from the surgery and now hope you are back to normal. We are also hearing that school may reopen from 1st of February. But I feel many parents may not send their kids to school. People may send them to school only after summer. By that time many people might have get vaccinated and the real situation after vaccination will become clear.
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    Even though there is announcement of opening school in the month of February but there is still apprehension of normalisation of situation with respect to pandemic situation. Though the cases are significantly reduced but once the kids start going to schools, there are chances of further spread of the virus due poor control of the situation. A massive drive of the vaccination has started from today ie from 16 th January and its effect will be known to the public after a couple of months. We could have deferred the planning of opening the school till we notice the positive outcome of this vaccination.

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    Welcome back to ISC. Sorry, I missed reading your posts regarding the sad demise of your father and your cataract surgery. My deepest condolences for your father's departure, and congratulations on your safe cataract surgery. It is a simple surgery that I have undergone in Dr. Agarwals hospital. As you said, it doesn't require 45 days cooling period. Just 15 days is good enough to resume normal work. Since the surgery is performed on only one eye, we can be normal with the other eye with a proper cover to the operated eye.

    About schools and colleges, normalcy would be resumed from the next academic year. We have learned to live with the virus without any fear.

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    Welcome back. Everyone is waiting for this virus to be contained fully and once we are secured and safe may be schools will also reopen. The vaccine is giving some new hope in this matter but we will know the actual situation only after many people are given this vaccine. The virus is behaving in different ways in different places based on the climate, temperature, local habitant's resistance, and other such biochemical factors. So, no one can predict their behaviour in one place based on the experience in other places. The scientists and researchers are round the clock busy in deciphering this tough biological riddle and soon we would be having some permanent solution for this unprecedented problem. Moreover, the early relief would also depend on the co-operation of the common people and general public in taking precautions in public places.
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    As the 2020 -2021 academic year is already going to end, there is no urgency for the schools and colleges to make them open. May be they should eye for the admissions for the next year and those who have not paid the fees has to be recovered and for that reason the schools and colleges need to open. Moreover the parents are not ready to accept the schools and colleges before the vaccine shots are given to the children. India could contain the virus to large extent and not affecting the school and college children and therefore the same would be maintained even now across the country.
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    It seems that the effect of this virus in India seems to be contained to a good degree and if same trend continues we may have the schools reopen and the situation can come back to old glorious times. This is a hope many of us have and let us pray God that everything comes back to normalcy and people get their jobs back and work for the prosperity of the country as well as for their livelihood.
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