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    Regarding course submission in PNG PG College, Ramnagar

    I have submitted, on 03.01.2021, three courses in P. N. G. Govt. PG College, Ramnagar and I got one general message about course submission and in light of that, I modified them a little bit mainly in summary part. Somehow they are still waiting for review / approval. I request the concerned editor to please go through them and do the needful. Thanks. The course links are -



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    The editors of the section have been informed to do the needful. Please be patient and wait for a response.
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    Saji, thanks for the quick response. Would wait.
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    Those courses were reviewed and shifted to pending for modification. Not only the summary, but the text also requires modification. You need to avoid posting the exact same words for the admission process of each course of the same college and change it a bit. In addition, you do not need to give the pdf of the syllabus since the syllabus could get changed at a later point and the old one gets redundant, with the pdf itself being removed from the website.

    Also, note that when members add courses to a college page, the ones submitted earlier will get pushed back further and hence will get reviewed once they come up in the queue.

    We will review the content once you make the necessary changes.

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    Ok. Noted. The confusion arose because neither I got alert not saw anything written in red in the respective courses. In other places we always get some feedback about these things. Somehow in course section it is not happening so I was not knowing what to do. Anyway got the point now and would do the needful.
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    The problem is we do not get alerts for such contributions. The Webmaster had once mentioned that since there is a limitation on the number of alerts that can be sent within the Alert feature as per the subscription for that feature, it is not possible to give alerts across all sections.

    Now in the case of content which gets shifted to pending, you may see it in grey, like it is for the courses you submitted. Check out that college page and scroll down and you will see the grey font of the three courses, whereas the approved ones are in blue. A deleted course will appear in red.

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    Thanks for clarifying. Appreciate much.
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