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    Why should we give a costlier gift to rich and affluents?

    Gifts are given in the society by people to their friends and relatives during many occasions and every one enjoys that gesture. When people want to give a gift to someone then they first see what is the occasion and accordingly select a gift. Sometimes when lower class people go to attend a function arranged by a higher and rich class person then due to the pressure of difference in the levels they sometimes try to give a costlier gift to match with the status of the host. I think such consideration is not required. It is unnecessary to give a costlier gift to rich and affluent people and in my opinion one should give a gift as per his own standard and this should not be based on the standard of the recipient. We should not feel ashamed of giving a small gift to upper class people. What is your opinion on this?
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    It is the fact that sometimes we have to shell down costly gift to the affluent people functions or the celebrations which cannot be on low scale. Because those who attended the event would be doing so. But it is not all the case. In one of my friend's marriage ceremony, the invitation card strictly gave the note not to bring the gifts to the function. In fact they give return gift to all those who graced the marriage and thus it was a most awkward moment for me as I have not given anything but got a silver coin as return gift which was good and great gesture. So affluent people marriages are of great change and happenings.
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    Highly affluent people don't expect a gift from lower class people and also they don't give any importance to such gifts, however, if you are equal to their status then your gift will be acceptable to them. I have noticed it that these rich people don't like that they should be given any gift from low-class people. I don't like to participate in such functions held by highly rich people. On another side, if you go to any poor people and share your presence in their happy hour. They will treat you as if you're a king. They welcome you from the core of the heart.

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    The point I want to drive is that why we should make our gift as per their status why not as per our capacity.
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    It's irony that when a lower class person has to give a gift to a rich person then he has to present a costly gift which matches with the status of that rich person.

    There may be a chance that a rich person may not like the low cost gift. But that's wrong one should not go beyond his/her capacity. Just a gift to a person is good and one should not have a complaint for the same.


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    When we call a person who is richer than us, they may give us a costly gift. So when they call us we may have to give a gift of almost equal cost. This is the general tendency of many people. In villages, during marriages, people will note down the name of the guest and the gift given by them. When they go to a function in the other person's house they see that the gift of the same range may be given.
    I also feel that that is not required. A rich man may be able to give a good gift because he is financially sound. If we don't have that much capacity we can go for a less costly gift. But many people try to give good gifts to rich people. But rich will not think in that way and they feel spending more money toward a gift for a poor person is a waste.
    But it is better to decide the gift item basing on our affordability and the type of function we are attending rather than spending higher amounts and suffering. The gift is a gift and we should not see the cost of the gift. It is a symbol of love and affection the other person is having towards you.

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