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    How many countries officially purchased China Sinovac vaccine?

    As Vaccine for Covid 19 developed many countries China Sinovac has purchased by a lot of countries here is a list of those Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Serbia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Philippine and African countries are bought a million doses apart from China who made the Vaccine. How many Countries that Bharat biotech made Covaxin bought? I think close to zero...At least 17 countries purchased the China Sinovac vaccine...
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    It seems those countries which are heavily dependent on the China and Chinese products are only listed in the details given by the author which are going for the the China made vaccine. Over last few months India face off with China has become the talk of the town and when gone one step ahead in banning their apps, that was the beginning of world saying good bye to China. Most of the countries in the world are now eyeing for SII and Bharat Biotek vaccines being made by India and we are bracing up to supply the same to many countries. So China is far behind even in vaccine supplies.
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    Yes. Many countries purchased vaccine from China. So you say that China is great. Maybe. But I never consider China made product ad safe as they never maintain quality. It is proved many times.
    India may not be selling the Vaccine as of now as their requirement is huge. During COVID 19, many countries approached India for quinols to use as medicine for that problem. We even supplied to many countries. That way we also have some points about which we can feel proud.
    China is a powerful country and India has to develop a lot to reach that level and there is no doubt we can reach that level if the ruling people and public work together towards that goal.

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