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    Our family is the knowledge hub, explore it fully

    If you take any family the relatives from the maternal and the paternal sides are highly qualified, having great professionals of one or two members, or having a great govt officer to reckon with, or a top businessman known in the society. When our family and relatives are forming the knowledge hub themselves then why we seek expertise and help from others to the rescue of our child to go through the important studies. If everyone cooperates with each other, much progress can be made internally and that is for sure.
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    An interesting thread posted by the author, as the author has said about family knowledge hub is very well. A family is made up of many people and each person has their own experience and knowledge. If we can learn a little bit from those experiences and knowledge of our family members and our relatives, then we will be very fortunate people. Another big advantage of this is that by talking to family members, along with the benefit of the knowledge gained from them, our relationship also becomes stronger than before because the more conversation we have, the more we understand each other.
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    It's good to see if relatives are close to each other and share knowledge and experience between them and give suggestions to young generation regarding career-guiding and career-measures. Successful relatives are like torch bearers for others. A family or clan is lucky if successful relatives want to see their fellow members successful too. But I hardly see this trend of people. Generally, they don't want to see others as successful like them.
    I came to know about a person who went to gulf and settled there. He called several of his relatives to gulf for job, now all they are sending visa to other relatives and friends to have good and suitable jobs as per their qualifications.

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    If there are such people in our circle, definitely we should make use of the available resources. But all families may not have that facility. When I was studying in high school all our relatives and friends are only from teaching faculty only. Whenever I used to discuss with them, they used to advise me to complete my graduation and then B.Ed. They use d to say that the teaching job is the best job. I used to think of jobs other than teaching but nobody was there to give advice on this. So I used my own best judgement and decided on the path I wanted. I never say that a teaching job is not a good profession. It is a very prestigious job. But I never liked to become a teacher.
    There is another proverb in Telugu which means the leaves available in our house are not useful for us as medicines. Like that, if our people are educated and having an idea also we can't take any advice from them. This is nothing but our ego only

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    May it be anything. A family should have these three personalities as a relative to them.
    A doctor, an Advocate, a Police Officer, I am not talking about them for knowledge hub, but to save from difficulties. These are the only three people required in our life. Hospital court and police stations are the three places where no one wants to visit. If requirement is unavoidable, these three guys would be very helpful to us.

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