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    Some decisions are very important in our life.

    We probably make some decisions every day in our life and sometimes we have to take many decisions in a day. Not only this, sometimes we are at the forefront of deciding the life of others as well. But do we always make the right decision? No, it is not that we always make the right decision. Many times our decisions are proved wrong. In this case, either we repent, or we learn something new, or we just go ahead.

    Well, we should think before making any small decision, but still, some decisions are most important in your life and you should take a lot of thought into them. The first is a career and the second is marriage. Whether you want to or not, but in both these decisions the whole world will come to advise you

    Even today, there are many people who leave both of these decisions above God, especially the decision of marriage. I believe that both these decisions matter for your life as well as your family, so do not be negligent in these decisions, rather think peacefully and wisely about what you want and then only take decisions.
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    The author has made a right pitch in suggesting that while taking two major decisions of our life like career and the marriage we have to consult ourselves and the decision should be ours and not imposed. After having qualified the task should be get the right job and not just job. That means the job should commensurate with qualification and satisfaction of having got the right job with right salary. Same way the marriage proposal either arranged or the personal choice of life partner should be decisive and not forced. Many a time the children could not express their choice and preference to the parents and they think that their choosing of groom to the girl is final without even consulting her and that brings in lots of challenges for her in future. Let these two great matters be discussed and arrived at with the parents consent.
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    The author has taken two issues marriage and career and if wrongly chosen, can influence our lives negatively. Of course in terms of career, it would be a personnel choice of a man and he may take up a career considering the pros and cons but sometimes the career chosen even after the due consideration, may prove to be wrong because of late realisation of some internal realities. It would be best to retract the decision as early as possible since sometimes mistakes may occur in our earlier decisions. Repentance for long would prove to be sheer wastage of time. In the process of taking decision both in terms of career and marriage, we should not rush to any conclusion hurriedly rather ever vital points need to be considered. In respect of marriage, children cannot express their own decisions to their parents because of their hesitations and ultimately the parents finalise the marriage proposals. Such decisions sometimes may prove to be unsuccessful.

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    Absolutely. Marriage and carreer both are important thing in anyone's life. Career is important as the living standard of our life depends on the job we get as per the career we choose in our life. Similarly marriage is important as we have to spend our whole life with the person whom we marry. A wrong partner may make our life hell. So we have to choose a partner carefully.

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    Yes, we take decisions about any matter and as the author has taken two issues- marriage and career related decisions. They are vital and important. I think parents should be taken in confidence before taking any decision regarding both important issues. Their choice and suggestions should not be discarded.

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    Decision making is a process in our life and every day we may be taking many decisions. Some decisions may go wrong and even though they go wrong the impact may be less and we may be able to correct the error easily if the decisions are minor in nature.
    But there are some decisions which will have a lot of impact on our lives. As mentioned by the author, marriage and career are the two important issues and we should be careful in taking a correct path in these two aspects. Of course, career is important but there is a chance for us to shift. But marriage is a once in a lifetime affair. Once you are married you should go with your partner and manage. It is no good to get separated. So one should be very careful in finalising the marriage issue. One should understand fully well the other person and see whether both can go together or not. Any problem in the married life will spoil not only two lives but the lives of their children also. So very careful thinking and selection are important in this case.

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