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    What percentage the one girl child parents expect after her marriage?

    This is the very important issue being faced by many modern parents. Having only one girl child and they nurtured her with all good education and luxury, and even brought her the own house and jewels and when it comes to the age of marriage and the parting the parents feel everything lost as they invested all on her and even her earnings are subjected to the husband and in laws control and in that case what percentage the girls should part with her parents. Many fail to discuss this issue when alliances are fixed and later land up with face off.
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    I have never thought about it. Both of us (I and wife) want to see our Only child live happily- ever and ever.
    As parents, it is our duty and responsibility to raise her with love, care and try our best to fulfil all her wishes, give good education and teach good manners.

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    Traditionally in our society when we complete the marriage ceremony of our single child that is daughter then as per our social customs, she is gone to the in laws in every respect. We can only meet or stay at each others house for some time and exchange goodies and that is the end of it. It is a long set tradition and still continuing. In some communities the parents of the girl will even not take the food in the girl's house after the marriage. Anyway, the things are changing now and all those old traditions are also getting modified to a great extent and girls have become more alert and aware to the fact that in the old age it is their duty to keep the parents in good state either by supporting them from outside or keeping them in the inlaws house.
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    In my opinion as a parent, we should not expect anything in return from our children. It may be a son or a girl, as parents what we have to do is to be done by us. We have to give them good education and see that they will be good citizens of the country.
    These days either the boy or the girl is not staying with us. They are going away for their jobs. Even after my retirement from a full-time job, I am living on my own and not expecting anything from anybody. That should be the way for anyone.
    But if the parents are not in a good position and if they are financially not well off the children should take care of them. Even a daughter also can help their parents if needed. But parents should not expect from her.

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    It depends upon the financial status of the family. If a family that is self sufficient and has a girl child, they would never bother about anything except the happy living of their dear daughter, and they would support their daughter until their death. And the wealth they have would go to their daughter.

    If the parents are poor, and if they are dependent on their daughter, then it is the duty of the only daughter to care for her parents until their death. Prior to her marriage, this issue should be discussed well and the boys consent should be obtained.

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    If someone is having a single child daughter then sometimes in the old age the parents may require some care and attention and at that time many times the parents require help from the daughter. If the daughter's in laws are considerate and are good people then it is possible that she can take their care and also do her responsibilities in her own place. If the girl is willing to that then she should be allowed to do so.
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    Though the old system of Hindu says once the daughter is married, she should take care of her husband and her children. She should do everything for the family of her husband including the the care of her in laws. The parents don't expect that her daughter would join her parents providing any financial assistance in the hours of need. However, this has been an old concept and with the change of time, the daughters are now equally sensitive to the health conditions of their parents and if the daughters are earning substantially in their jobs, they would not mind to spare money for the welfare of their parents and such a good gesture is even appreciated by the son - in - laws. In that way, old equations are changing benefitting their parents.

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    Here if the daughter earns nearly one lakh per month and she can very well part with 20,000 to parents.
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    Actually as per our society a daughter has to live with her in-laws not with her parents after marriage. And it's her and in-laws wish if they allow her to spend money on her parents. In many cases the daughter take responsibilty of her parents after the marriage but in most of the cases they are not allowed to do that. It's better as a parent we should not expect it from our kids even if it's a son and should have enough savings for our old age.

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