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    Rejection is not always bad for us.

    Every person has to face rejections at some time in their life, but some people lose their confidence after rejections and the same others give themselves more opportunities and make more efforts.

    A friend of mine was preparing for Government Bank and SSC for 2 years, but unfortunately, she was not able to qualify even pre paper in exams, every time she was rejected. Many people advised her to try at least once the state exams, and prepare for the exam of PCS too with this, but she did not have confidence that, after 2 years of failure, she will be able to clear a big exam like PCS, yet with some courage and family support, she got ready and in the first attempt she cracked pre, mains, and interviews, today she is appointed to a good government post.

    Such incidents teach us that we should not back down from the goal because sometimes you get small rejections so that you can achieve something big.
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    I think she is the best example of "Never Give up until you reach your goal". It's rare case, but history comes out from rare incidents. It's inspirational to other aspirants. She must be at least a gazetted officer.
    This is the age of tough competition. A large number of educated youth is jobless and seeking for employment. When people have no jobs it makes life more difficult for them. Under any circumstances they should not give up. Failures are the part of the success. It is true that success does not come easily. It comes after passing through known and unknown hurdles but if efforts are carried out without, one day, a struggle reaches the goal.

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    That is true. We should not get dejected with failures. We should challenge the failure and we should try again correcting the mistake and we should reach success. Sometimes we don't know why we are failing. In such cases, we will become clueless and the chances of leaving the task will be more. But in such situations only we have to raise to the occasion and attempt all the possible ways with focus and concentration. Then definitely we will be successful. Many people around us will try to demotivate us saying that it is very difficult and many people failed while attempting for that etc. We should not get carried by such suggestions from others. We should think on our own and try and reach success. Nothing is impossible in this world if we really want to be successful.
    always confident

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