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    Is it right to present a money purse or wallet as gift to someone?

    Earlier, I came across gifting of Hand kerchieves to someone. I was told that we should not gift Hand kerchieves to relatives or friends. Now I have a question about presenting Money purse/wallet to relatives and friends.

    Is it right or wrong to present a money purse or wallet as a gift to our relatives and friends? What would be the impact if we do it?

    Have you presented a money purse to someone? Kindly share your experiences of gifting money purse or wallet in your life? And also share the information regarding items that should not be presented as gifts to others.
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    Many companies give purses as their new year gifts. I have received many purses from many companies. I used to get every year one or two purses. I used to give those purses to my relatives and friends. Not as a gift for any function but as a gift when they come to our house for seeing us. I gave purses to my brothers, brothers in law, friends and other relatives. I think there is no problem in doing so.
    I have no idea about the items which can't be given as a gift. Even I don't know that we can't give handkerchieves as a gift.

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    Mr Rao,
    I discussed about presenting Kerchieves to friends and relatives in thisThread. Look at the responses from the members.

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    Wallet or purse is a utility item and we have given it as gift many times and even we have received the same also from other people. I have not experienced anything negative in this context.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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