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    7 strategies to effective listening and why this one skill is most important in our life?

    Listening is one of the most crucial part of life. It is very important to listen carefully to understand the speaker and formulate better understanding of things. Effective listening leads to solutions rather than conflicts. Here are my 7 strategies to effective listening and why this skill is important?

    1. Listen with an open mind. Don't judge and add our own flavour to discussion untill speaker is finished talking.

    2. Interruption while listening is not good for effective listening. To be good in this skill never interrupt while listening.

    3. Try to be more focused and picture what the speaker is conveying. Be patient while listening. If something is not clear ask after speaker is finished conveying his message.

    4. Feedback the speaker gives clue that you are listening him carefully.

    5. Distraction. Keep things aside that can distract you from listening such as smartphone.

    6. Relaxed body position. This strategy is very important for effective listening. Comfortable body positon makes you more relaxed and focused to what is conveyed by the speaker.

    7. Practice. Practice listening improves one's ability and skill.

    What are your strategies for effective listening and why it is important?
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    It is said that presenting a good and effective speech is an art but at the same time listening is also an important activity in the sense that it is where we learn many new things and get our doubts cleared from the speaker. Listening attentively is the main thing in listening otherwise there is no point in wasting time in listening something with absent mindedness. The speaker might be talking about a subject in great detail but until we have interest in that particular subject and area till then we would not be able to absorb and comprehend the things spoken by the person.
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    @Umesh yes I agree to your point listener must have interest to get the point of speaker. So I want to add 1 more point that before listening carefully we need to prepare ourselves if the subject matter interests me or not otherwise there is no point to waste time on it.

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    Listening is very important. Listening to understand is required. Many of us listen to differ. When we attend a meeting, we go with a certain idea in our mind and if anybody is talking we listen to them to see where they are differing from our thinking and how we have to counter it. That is not a way of listening.
    We should listen to understand what message the other person is going to give us. One should hear very cautiously and undisturbed. Otherwise, we may not catch up with the other person and we will not understand the subject well.

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    It is the fact that those who are apt listeners are more successful as they have already learned half way and remaining 50 percent can be completed through attentive reading and writing. And a teacher would also evince interest on those students who are good followers and aptly listening to her teaching and taking notes. And those who are apt listeners have good grasping power and memory through which they can attend any exam or test instantly much to the surprise of others. One thing is sure those who listen aptly would connect to the series of the lessons and thus they make out to be superlative performers by mere listening and just imagine if they dedicate to read and write further they are adjudged as the best ranker of outstanding caliber. That is why listening hobby has to be inculcated in child from the beginning.
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    Listening is always good for any individual. One learns new things by listening to others. By talking, we will be expressing what we already know. By listening, there is every chance that we may be learning new things that we do not know until then. Listening helps to improve our knowledge. Coming to points mentioned by the author,
    an open mind is much needed while listening to others. After fully listening to the other, we can have our ideas about what was said. An interruption may be necessary depending upon the topic of the speaker. Some doubts are to be cleared as and when they arise. It is advisable to note down any worthy observation made by the speaker. It may be possible or may not be but some important points need to be jotted down.

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    An Interesting thread posted by the author. It is said that if you are not a good listener, you cannot be a good speaker. The points the author has mentioned are very important. When we listen to things carefully, then we understand the hidden purpose. Some people also keep talking without meaning, but sometimes we get some new learning from those things too but for this, it is necessary to be completely focused on things. As the author said, your feedback is very important as it also shows your awareness of listening. This is absolutely true. If we ever give a speech, then our focus will be more on the people who ask us questions because they pay attention to our words. when one listens with attention, along with the speaker and other people also interested, and the image of a good listener is created in their mind.
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    Listening is always important because if you don't listen to a person that means you are not allowing him to keep his/her points and also by listening someone you learn things. Here are few benefits of listening to others:

    It builds trust and respect. If listen keenly to a person it gives a feeling to a person that you care and are interested in what he/she is saying. People are more likely to come to you when they feel trusted.

    When you are good listener , it reduces the chance of miscommunication. And there are chances of lesser conflicts.

    If you are a good listener then you will learn, rather than assume, what others are thinking and feeling as there will be no miscommunication.

    Feedback always gives a feeling to a speaker that you are listening him/her and understanding what the speaker wants to convey.

    It not good to interrupt someone who is speaking it's always better to let him/her finish first and then ask what you want to ask.


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    This is a very interesting discussion. Most of the people generally like to talk and do not like to listen may be due to the inherent ego inside them. They will show as if they know everything and would not give chance to others to talk. This is not a healthy thing. One must give ample opportunities to others also and should have patience to listen them. People who only talk and do not listen others soon lose their reputation and credentials in the friend circle.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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