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    Blow some ballons to remove the lung congestion

    I was asked by a elder who had the medical prescription of a doctor and she is having bronchitic problem for which she sought extra medical inclusion on the prescription through the video calling to the doctor. But to my surprise that doctor asked the patient to blow some balloons so that the congestion is removed and smooth breathing is assured. I bet even a healthy person cannot blow even single balloon of big size and how can elderly woman does. What the members want to say on this matter which has become the heated topic among the neighbors.
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    The author has shared a good and healthy tip through his thread which is quite helpful to everyone. It is true that the lung plays a very important role in blowing ballon and is one of the best or good lung exercises. It is surprising that the game that we used to play in childhood and for which we did not need any machine, today the machine is also available for it. Actually, my brother brought a pump that used to blow the balloons, but still, the speed of this machine was much less than that balloons blow by humans. People who have lung-related diseases often prescribe a machine called a Respirometer by the doctor, which has the same function. Most of the best solution, it is a very good suggestion that even after growing up, we should keep this blowing balloons habit of childhood which is very helpful in keeping our lungs healthy.
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    A good thread raised by the author. Experts say that regularly blowing the balloons helps in activating the diaphragm. This happens due to the primary role of the diaphragm is to pull the air into the lungs. And by blowing the balloon it helps in pulling more air in to the lungs.

    Major advantage of balloon exercise is beneficial for rhe diaphragm. Increased health of diaphragm leads to the enhanced abilities of lungs.

    By regularly doing the ballon exercises one can say good bye to the respiratory issues and pain so we must do it as an exercise.


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    As is the case with any health issue, merely because one person has been prescribed by a Doctor to do it, is not an indication that it is beneficial to all. I read that those whose lungs do not function so well may experience giddiness. This cautionary alert was mentioned with reference to those with pulmonary fibrosis [refer -]
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    I have also seen a patient who was advised by the doctor to do the same. It is an exercise for the lungs. A person who is having a lung problem should do this so that the performance of the lungs will improve. I asked that person whether he was able to do that. He said that initially he felt some difficulty but later on he felt no problem. He said that there is a lot of improvement. He used to keep some balloons in the car. When he is on me he is doing that.
    We should not think about the taste of the medicine. The medicine may taste bitter but it will do good for you only. So one should follow the doctor even though it is a little difficult.

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    Thanks for sharing this thread, I never thought about blowing balloons is useful for lungs. I shall a relative who has this problem. I think it is a good exercise for a healthy person too. By blowing balloons a healthy person may keep his lungs healthy.

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    A healthy person can get some advantage by blowing balloons as that could act like an exercise for the lungs but a person suffering from some lung ailment should do it only under medical advice and supervision.
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    Though the thread look funny for many but the advantage is immense.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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