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    Speacialization will make you different among the lots

    Either in personal life or the professional field we must have our own touch of doing the things differently and that would bring far reaching changes in ourselves and also gets noticed by others. The specialization can be from how to do a work in a most dignified way and how to finish the same without any glitches with our own terms and fulfillment. Though the specialization can be different it must be within the framework of available norms and not beyond that. That is the reason people prefer those who are specially qualified in any subject.
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    Today, we are living in an age of specialisation. There is so much development and progress in scientific, technical, engineering, and industrial areas that one cannot think of being a generalist as covering so many things is simply not possible by a single human being. So, people are going for specialisations as per their interest and liking and the society and industry both are getting advantage of that as they can consult or call a person for some specific work or help in a particular field. Whether it is education or medical or industrial or IT area everywhere specialisation is coming up in its various branches. An individual can only make a place in niche areas after specialised knowledge is acquired by him. People today are going for specialisation in areas which we earlier even did not hear the name itself but now these areas have become a big branch in themselves.
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    Every human has some special qualities, some of which are quite common, which we can also see in many other people and there are some qualities that make a person special. Many times these are quality by birth and sometimes we have to try for them. The author has rightly said that when you have a particular specialty, then your identity is seen differently in the crowd. It is not necessary that you make yourself special by doing something big, sometimes even small specialties give you recognition among people. Today is a time where competition is very high and people want to get ahead of everyone, but we need to know that we do not have to run in every direction, but rather to prove ourselves in that direction by making our specialty more refined. For this, it is important that you first understand what is the special thing for which you are made and which is worthy of giving you a successful life.
    Swati Sharma

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    Specialisation gives you recognition. A person who qualified in a particular field and did long years service in the same field will become a specialist in that field. Any person who is having some requirements in that field will look at him for specialist advise.
    We see many doctors who did their PG in a particular field. MD or MS in a particular specialisation will make him a specialist and if he spends some years in treating the people and if the results are good. all will start going to him. He will be recognised easily as a specialist in that field.
    It is always better to be a specialist in a particular field. Professionally you will have a tremendous growth if you are a specialist in a particular field. These days everybody wants to go to a specialist in his work. If you see a piece of furniture which has an elegant look, you will ask the owner immediately, where they got it made. The maker will be a specialist in your thinking.

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    The world goes after to look for specialized course and specialized person.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Most of the people have special qualities. These special qualities distinguish them among people and they are singled out far and wide.
    Sometimes, these qualities remain hidden and unknown to others and will remain in obscurity unless these are developed. Some special qualities are God-gifted. People obtain them effortlessly but some special qualities are gained by hard work and spending money. In the field of education, technology, scientific research, engineering etc we can see many specialists.
    I saw an absolutely uneducated person being welcomed as a highly respectable person. Reason was that he was a car mechanic but he had specialisation in fixing oldest or latest cars manufactured in any country. He was a genius in his field.

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