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    Adamant to achieve something great is welcomed

    When the small kids do something new creatively and that leads to their trying the same again and again would give way near perfection and that would be appreciated by all. Why they get adamant because we give them the encouragement and also fillip to go one step ahead for learning new things and in that process great things are achieved to our surprise. But there are people who are more adamant to achieve their life goal and that trait need to be appreciated because the do so against the all odds of challenges on the way.
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    Adamancy to achieve something great means the person is having a zeal and vigour to work hard and reach to his goals. So from that point of view it a good sign and will definitely help in progress and development. At the same time merely being adamant but not doing the commensurate efforts would not help and in that case that would only be a manifestation of ones behaviour.
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    Absolutely one should have the zeal to achieve the targets and goals . They people who don't have it cannot achieve the goals if life.

    I remember when I was a student I had a very tough life as my parents wanted me to get good score and they used to ask me to study every time. But I never used to do that as I had already decided the timings and the limit I have to study and used to strictly follow it and goot good marks in the board examination.

    So by this I want to say that one should make his route map to achieve the targets . Just thinking for something and don't work for it will never ever be able to get success in our life.


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    It is Okay for a child to be adamant or stubborn, but not for a matured person. In Tamil, Adamancy is known as "Pidivaatham". Vaatham is a thing that causes the disease paralysis. PidiVaatham means holding on to the Vaatham. It is not a good trait to practice. I would say flexibility would be more helpful than Adamancy.
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    Being adamant about the study or achieving any target is a positive aspect of this habit. Generally, stubbornness carries negative connotations because generally, people are adamant to not listen to reason and logic and they keep on sticking to their fallacious reasoning and wrong thinking
    Obstinacy concerning to achieving any goal stands for consistency in efforts without fail. It keeps on moving a struggler towards his goal. This consistency comes when someone has sterling faith and confidence in himself. He does not get affected by any hurdles on his way and it's a great quality of the adamant person.

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    A person who is adamant may not like to change his stand about something which he has already taken. He continues to be on that stand only. It is very difficult to change the opinion of an adamant person once he took a decision. it is very difficult to change. If an adamant person took a decision that he should win, he will not leave it easily. But he can't be successful unless otherwise, he works for success with a plan and road map.
    For anybody hard work with a focus on the goal, is very important. If the person is adamant to work even though he took a firm decision also he will not be successful. Always adamant nature may not give positive results.

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