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    Do we really attract what we think?

    All of us have heard, seen, and read in many books and videos that as a person thinks, he/she attracts things in the same way and gets the same life, which means that we ourselves are the creators of our lives. But does it really happen and if it happens then why is it said that God has already written or decided everything and the world will go the way God has written. Many times, very sad events happen in the life of people, which make their family as well as the whole society somber. Such incidents neither humans think for their lives nor our God will write them. Then what will be considered the truth of life, whether our thinking is more effective or our deeds or what God is written.
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    God has given us mind to think about what is good for us and what is bad and we make our decisions accordingly. What has been predestined will occur and we can't stop it but we have to work with positive thinking and should keep on focussing on what we want to achieve. God knows what is good for us and what is bad for us. I take this issue in this way that I have to work to succeed in my efforts and leave the result to God as what He has decided for me will be good for me, nevertheless, I don't understand it which comes as a result of my efforts, sometimes, it happens that result comes quite reverse. If I have got success I am happy and if I fail I accept it and try to introspect what mistakes I have committed in the whole process which I underwent.
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    In Baghavad Gita, Lord Krishna told Arjuna that one has to do his duty without thinking about the end result. There will be a goal and people should plan to achieve that goal and start working. The result will come. If it is what you are expecting, be happy. Don't think that you have achieved it. Thank God for the result.
    If the result is not favourable, don't worry. Say thanks to God as he will always give you what is best for you. Try again and keep faith in God. You will get the due. But never blame God for the results which are not favourable to you. At that moment of time that will be the best for you. Take that way. Throughout your life, you will be happy.

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