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    We should observe our sitting pattern.

    All of us writers spend a large amount of our time in our writing work and we do this work by sitting down. Many times some writings are such that we get lost in our writing work and we did not realize time and do not know how long we have been sitting continuously. Apart from this, there are many more jobs these days in which there is long sitting because of a busy work schedule, most of the time we become careless about our sitting pattern. Due to this single negligence, people are having problems related to the nerves even at a young age, so we should keep observing our sitting patterns, so we can sit in a proper way and avoid the wrong ways. Apart from that, one should be taking breaks in a short time interval.
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    Generally, I don't write continuously, so this problem of sitting posture I don't face, however, we should not continue in a particular posture, it may create some problems like pain.
    The author has rightly suggested .

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    Sitting continuously for long hours is not advisable. So we should get up once in a while from the seat and walk for a few minutes and then sit back. In addition to that, the sitting posture is also very difficult. One should sit properly in such a way that bodyweight is evenly distributed. Ergonomics is a very important subject. The seating arrangement should be designed properly for the people who sit continuously. In Industrial Engineering Ergonomic study plays an important role. There are people who study the work and design the sitting arrangement for the people who do that jo continuously.
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    We must pay attention to our sitting posture as it is directly related to our health. Mostly due to long working schedule and wrong posture during the work creates problems. We should take some short breaks in between the work and get relax then return to work. Working continuously strains our eyes as well as our nerves and gives rise to our health problems. Comfortable Sitting posture during work is crucial for our health, the wrong posture could aggravate the health problems.

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    Swati Sharma and other members,
    Kindly go through thisthread to know the effects of sitting and working for ISC. It would be fun to read and enjoy my writing. Truly, we should change our sitting position quite often to avoid any backache or any other ailment arising out of uncomfortable sitting postures.

    The thread linked is a TOW award winner.

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    A good alert by the author and it is a medical fact that sitting continuously in one posture is very much harmful to our health and the easiest remedy is to take a break after each hour or so. Taking a break means stand up and go to the kitchen have some water, go to verandah just move a bit here and a bit there, stretch your hands above the shoulders, stretch your legs just like that and then talk to some family member for a while, do some menial work for a few minutes, and finally return to the working seat. It is difficult to follow this as we feel lazy in doing such a thing often but this is the only way to escape the perils of bad posture and that also for a long time.
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    I had a habit of doing household work just sitting in some posture for a long time and gradually I got back pain and it was quite severe. The doctor told me to refrain from any activity for a long time and especially sitting in a particular posture for long. The Physiotherapist advised me some exercises and after some time the pain subsided. Now I do not sit continuously for more than an hour at the most. Break the posture works.
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    Good alert by the author. Many people I am seeing by thinking themselves as workaholic, they are sitting before computer or writing table for more and more hours even by neglecting food and restroom. A relative of mine used to sit like this as he is having much work to do and he took his breakfast, lunch and dinner in odd hours in spite of I informed him as it is not good for his health. Now he got a good problem of piles and unable to sit even for half an hour continuously and suffering much pain.

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    Good thread raised by the author. It is not good to sitting continuously in one posture for long time. It is true that while writing on computer many of us would forget about changing our sitting posture , due to which it leads to a lot of health problem. We should be health conscious first then should give priority to another work.

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    Those who have the desk job for longer hours , they need to take stroll in between so that the blood circulation happens and the body gets toned instead of being stiff. Those who are working for a particular task and the time consumed is more they cannot get up from the seat and for them it is more challenging to keep the phase of body toning. During the lunch time at least walk for five minutes so that the body gets the necessary exercise otherwise the obesity is going to occur for sure. And when we sit for longer hours the lower abdomen portion gets pressed and thus we need to relax by at least standing for few minutes in between , otherwise further consequences to health relatives issues are going to come for sure. But invariably we are not giving the thought to these issues and forget about our health at all while working.
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    Yes that's essential to focus on our sitting posture as sitting continuously for long hours in the same position may be harmful. Most of the people who have the sitting job are advised to take small breaks in between so that their back too get some relief.

    Sitting for long working hours leads to high blood pressure and high cholesterol which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disorder. Also when a person sits for long hours, cells in the body muscles do not respond to insulin produced by the pancreas. As a result, pancreas produces more insulin which can lead to diabetes.

    It can impact the blood flow in the body . This can lead to deep vein thrombosis.

    It can lead to imbalances in spinal structure including disc damage, inflexible spine, strained neck, sore shoulders and back.

    Therefore for own health benefits we much avoid sitting continuously for long time. I personally avoid the same and you should too.


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