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    How do you start your day?

    Every morning comes with a new date and a new day with new hope and fresh confidence. Every individual plan to have something great and starts his day to achieve it. He has a list of work which he has to do. Some people get up early, almost, at the beginning of the dawn when the first light of day appears in the vast dark sky. Some people get up late after the sun has risen. Some people get up when other people have gone to their work. Some people don't leave their bed until they have sipped a cup of bed tea. Some people go for a morning walk or jogging and then consume something and whereas some people, especially, young boys and girls would rush to the gym. Some people do prayer as per their religious practices. I assert that people should start their day with morning prayer. They should remember Almighty Lord at the beginning of the day and should seek to Him all the best for their new day. However, some people start their day with their addiction to cigarette- smoking or tobacco-chewing or whatever. They can't move without it. Addiction is so bad. I appreciate the women of every home. They always get up early morning. They start performing their responsibilities of cleaning the entire house, preparing breakfast, taking caring of their children, washing utensils and clothes and so on. They are not tired of doing their work. They have no holidays from doing work as the men have.
    Anyways, it's all ones' life. How do you start your day?
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    I start my day with a prayer to God. As soon as I get up from my bed, I walk to the Pooja room and salute God for giving me another day. Then I do my morning routines. Then start my morning prayer programme. It will take almost two hours to complete my morning routine and Pooja. Then I will go for my breakfast and then go for duty. This is how my day starts. Only after completing my breakfast I will go and see my mobile phone.
    If I have to go anywhere very early morning, I skip pooja but in normal conditions, I never skip this.

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    Every day morning is special for us because every day we can give ourselves something new. With this thought, after waking up every morning I first thank God and then I make a cup of black tea for me and after having it, I go to the terrace for an hour and walk over there, then I give water to plants after the walk. After comes down, I do the rest of my household work, by finishing them, I spend time with the ISC.
    Swati Sharma

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    My day start at 3.30 pm wee hours and after bath my one to one prayer with God goes with thanks giving to all the Gods for yesterday favor and hope for a good day today. I also pray my parents and elders who are no more but seek guidance and support during my current day endeavor, this way I start the day and mostly I will be trouble free and ably guided by the forces. I retire to the bed by 10 pm again praying the God for all those help and good deeds done and also giving me a chance to survive for the day. My presence is required for the family and hence seek God's intervention always.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    About 7-8 years back, I fell ill and for 2-3 years I went through a bad phase and had a few operations (surgeries) and by 2016 I came back to normalcy though my physical efficiencies were much decreased. Thereafter, slowly, I started to go out for walks and some volunteering work in the nearby parks etc and since then I am having a normal life albeit much reduced in physical activities than that of the pre-illness times. There were some other medical problems which are still continuing but are being managed with the regular routine medicines.

    So, first thing that I feel in the morning around 5:30 to 6:30 AM, which is nowadays my usual getting up time, is that I am in good shape and today is also going to be a good day for me. I thank the Almighty for that and after a bit of physical activity like stretching etc for a few minutes I take my tea and then sit across my laptop to see how much the world has changed in the night. You would be surprised to know that I work in different sites by opening different windows simultaneously and completing my activities everywhere. I myself am amazed about that way of working and do not know how I learnt it. May be I was too curious to experiment such things. It is said that when one becomes physically weak ones mental faculties are enhanced, though I doubt whether such thing happens with everyone in old age or not!

    Anyway, my morning writing session breaks at somewhere between 8 to 9 AM and then I go for a walk and chatting with friends etc and it continues till 11 to 12 AM. Then comes the lunch time and again sitting across the laptop and then tea and then evening time to go to the local market and get some small items of household nature and walk a bit and sometimes go to the park and water the plants and sometimes just idle and feel happy that I am still moving ahead in good shape and the day has ended creatively so far. This is followed by dinner and again some time on the laptop and then by 10:30 PM I go to bed with a hope that I would remain healthy for some more time in my life. So, I am now going to another site where I have to check whether my article is published/approved or not. Will be back again here after 15-20 minutes.

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    My day starts at about 6 AM. After some preliminary work like breakfast preparation in kitchen, I usually go for Puja for an hour. Then, I go out either for a short walk or a visit to the nearby temple and come back for breakfast. At that time I may for half an hour use my smartphone for viewing WhatsApp messages and also may give half an hour in ISC for some forum discussions etc. Then I switch to other household jobs and day passes like that and after lunch I get some time when I usually see news or some other items in YouTube or other places and occasionally contributing in ISC. Evening is generally gone for marketing and other small things in the market followed by dinner and only after that I again get some time for reading or surfing the internet. By 10 PM, I generally retire and that ends the day.
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