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    How can we help urban children to become more tolerant of ambiguity?

    It was shocking to learn how two children, aged 6 and 10, respectively, from a single family, refused to forgo any of their habits of ordering food through Swiggy and the like, even when both their parents are unsure of what will happen now or in the near future. The father works in IT and the mother in a private school in Chennai as a teacher. No amount of reasoning with the children has helped. Worse, since travel restrictions have now eased, they wanted to go to Kerala for a holiday, but gave up only after their teacher told them about how Covid could affect them.

    Both parents are a bit sad that they did not reach their children anything about tolerance. When I tested for a while in Chennai, hearing such stories are quite common. Worse, the problem is more or less same with two families in Coimbatore. Is it that the metro and big city children are too much influenced by their rich peers? Is it just a transitory problem?

    How do we make such children more tolerant? Of course, all the cases are from rich or upper middle class families. But children do not understand the tough times at all. Or so it seems.

    What do we do in such situations?
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    To mould them properly is the responsibility of the parents. Parents should take some time and spend with such people and explain to them what is good and what is bad. But many parents fail to do that. They will give whatever the child wants and gives the impression that their parents can bring anything they want. Instead of giving them whatever they ask from childhood if the parents explaining them and say why they are not giving an item he wanted. Unfortunately, the present-day parents never say no to anything the children ask, They feel that explaining the child is waste of time. That is a wrong concept.
    Whether it is an urban area or Rural area there may be some children who will not care for anybody. But if we leave them like that their attitude will become strong and changing them will become a difficult proposition.
    All depends on the teachers and the parents.]]

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    If the children are good the credit goes to the mother and if the children are bad the complaint goes to both of them as the children need to be nurtured from the young age and they have to be educated with intricacies of life otherwise they would turn out to be damp squib. It is the fact that the young children learn from the parents either through tutorial or through observation but it is certain that they learn bad things fast than the good thing. If good friends are at their disposal they learn good manners otherwise they tilt towards the bad manners and branded as bad for ever.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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