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    Feeding hungry people.

    Some people invent new ideas to help poor people. Lately, I read an interview with a young lady who has started to feed hungry people. She is becoming popular among these poor people. Initially, when any hungry person would come at her door she would feed him. Her generosity and magnanimity were introduced to other poor people, they would begin to come to her. Therefore, she started cooking extra food for any expected or unexpected stranger. Sometimes, it also happened that she cooked more food but nobody came to have food. Then she started to keep stale food in the fridge and when any of them came she fed him/her. The other ladies of her area would see it so they were also encouraged by her feeding hungry people, they also began to take part in this good cause. She also requested her neighbours if they have some stale or leftover food they might send it to her, so that she may feed hungry visitors. Gradually, ladies of her locality began to send her leftover/stale food. Now she has appointed a servant who collects leftover food from every house of her colony and she has purchased a big fridge for this purpose. She keeps the collected food from different homes and feeds hungry people.
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    Feeding the hungry people is the greatest stride and wonderful feeling and many may not have this great attitude to understand others hunger. What I felt in my life that the real hungry people would not ask for food and alms and they keep quiet cursing their life. So we have to identify such people and reach out to them. Out of all donations the disbursing of food is the great attitude because only through food we can satisfy the people and nothing else. Even monetary benefits or clothes would not satisfy a person because the wants are varied and different and food can suffice the immediate hunger.
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    Feeding the hungry people is a noble task especially in this time when many workers and labours have lost their jobs. All the kids are not not having the same temperament. Even if they are hungry, they would not approach you. In that situation, you need to identify such affected people and reach out to them so that they get their due share. Donation of clothes, cash, blankets may satisfy you if donated to the needy but providing foods in their hungry stage is a genuine donation and donors would get real satisfaction for such types of acts.

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    The greatest donation one can do is the donation of food. When any hungry person comes to you with a request for food you, if you give him some food, he will feel happy and bless you. Hungry is same for a poor man or a rich man. When we are hungry we never hesitate to eat whatever is available. When you are hungry you will never bother about the taste of the food also.
    These days in almost all places of worship daily food is being supplied to the pilgrims. So whenever I visit a pilgrim place I try to donate some money for that scheme. That will see that at least for a day for some people food will be served free of cost.
    During COVID 19, in many places, some people used to cook food commonly and feed poor people. In my native place, a group of young people formed a society and daily they used to supply food to some 25 poor people. They used to take some donation from the people interested in giving.

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    The author shared a nice thread. The feeling of such benevolence in humans is worthy of respect, that woman is getting the blessings of every person to whom she provides food. There are many people who give food to poor and hungry people, but sometimes people give the remaining food at home to the poor. But the way that author shared that that woman serves food to the poor people separately, is really praiseworthy. If we are able, then help us as much as possible, especially for the poor and weak.
    Swati Sharma

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