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    How do you overcoming the problem of ants in kitchen?

    Small red or black ants or big black ants are the common creatures that disturb most in the kitchen. This menace was not that much found in the past but it is now becoming more threatening at present. In the past, in one season only these ants used to be found more but now they are in any season. They can be found anywhere in our house. Full of ants can be found in curdling milk, cooked rice, milk, in rice bags, on vegetables, in any stored bottles of anything like honey, ghee, daals, sugar, etc. To avoid ants is to keep them in a fridge and make the whole grocery to be stored in the fridge. The only thing to avoid ants from cooked material is to keep the vessels in a plate containing water. How do you find the menace of ants in your kitchen? What methods do you follow to avoid them?
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    Laxman Rekha insecticides Chalk is available in the market as well as online. Just google to purchase it, if it is not available in your local market, you may purchase from Amazon.
    Mark a line and ant can't cross it. If you make a circle around ants they can't go out of this circle.
    We use it as it is available in our local market.

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    Yes. That is a real problem. We also use Laxman Rekha chalk. In our house, my wife will keep curries and chutneys in the fridge. But cooked rice will not be kept in the refrigerator. So she keeps it in a vessel and that vessel will be kept in another vessel having water so that no ants nor other creatures will come near the vessel. As an additional precaution, she will mark a line with Laxman Rekha chalk. That will ensure no ants will come.
    Whatever spillage takes place during using various times, should be cleaned immediately with a wet cloth and then with a dry cloth. That will ensure that no creatures will come near that. If spillages are not cleaned immediately and properly, chances for ants coming there are high. Tins and containers having sweets and sugar or jaggery should be closed with tight lids always. This will avoid ants get gathered in that tin or around the tin.

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    In an ant infected house and particularly kitchen it is a herculean task to get rid of them. However hygiene we maintain and use the phenyl solution or spray of all kinds, just after a few hours these scout ants will emerge from nowhere and then call all their colony to attack the eatables kept in the kitchen. It seems that they have colonies inside the kitchen wall and they will come out time to time and attack the eatables and food items specially the sweet items.

    There are some methods which can be applied to get rid of them. First is hire some pest control service who will drill deep and narrow holes everywhere in the wall and floor joints and pump some insecticide like anti termite there which would kill and repel the ants. This is a very cumbersome process and they take a few days to do that and may be you have to advise them for the density of these holes where to make more and where to make a few one and many people say that this type of treatment helps.

    When I was in Chennai, I had this problem in my kitchen and I found another way to tackle it but that was not a permanent solution as I used to inject the strong anti termite solution in the holes and small apertures in the walls and joints from where the ants were emerging. It helped only a few days and again they were seen moving on the kitchen platform.

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    The best way to avoid the menace of ants both red and black ones is to keep the kitchen clean and most of the cooked items are to be stored in the fridge. Ensure that there is no hole inside the kitchen area where they can take shelter and come out in search of food items often. Sugary items attract them. Though I have not tasted the efficacy of cucumber peels in expelling the stream of ants but one of my friends suggested me to have a try for the same in case of need. The most trusted remedy having observed personally from my side is the brand Laxman Rekha which needs to be marked on the floor circle wise in order to avoid their menace. If possible plug the holes noticeable inside the kitchen area to get rid of their presence.

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