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    Is there any solution to this problem?

    People in high positions and posts in Govt organisations as well as in private companies, whether they belong to a political party or work in administrative area or are doing some profitable business, all of them have a big responsibility to adhere to good working practices and also not to indulge in corrupt or wrong practices. Actually, as a matter of fact, they are supposed to be present today at that level because it is expected from them that they will reform the system and bring to the books any defaulters working under them. Unfortunately, some of these people sitting in responsible positions are not worthy of those levels and are indulged in corrupt and wrong practices due to which the people under them also learn the same thing and actually do all sort of corrupt things under their shelter and take all liberties considering them as their Godfather. Even a handful of such persons are sufficient to ruin the country and due to their selfish connections with the criminal world, common people fear them. Is there any solution to this problem?
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    It is surprising that some people in high positions, having all the facilities of this world, indulge in wrong practices. Human greed has no limit. So, until these people realise that they are given those high positions for the welfare of public in general, they would not improve. We are working in a system where there is a control on everyone from the top and if the people in the top in various organisations etc start doing wrong things then who will correct them.
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    Corruption is deep rooted in our system. The author seems to be worried about it. I don't think that their is any valid reason to be worried about this integral part of dispensation. I see it as ingrained in mind also. Anti corruption department is on the job? They are doing their duty but how many officers have been arrested by them and how much corruption this department has exterminated from system.? It is said that if someone is caught red handed for taking bribe, he should give bribe to get clean chit.
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    Corruption has become a part and parcel of our administration. Your work will not be done unless otherwise, we give some bribe to the concerned person. This is a big problem and many people are suffering because of this system. One thing we are forgetting is that not only taking but also giving bribe is a crime. But many people for their benefit bribe the concerned people and get their works done. In this process, the real deserving people are suffering.
    The change should come from the people. Nobody should expect any concession for them. If any person is trying to influence an officer, the officer should give a compliant and the person who is trying to influence him is to be punished. But the officer can't do it as the pressure comes from MPs and MLAs and other people in power.
    I think changing this system is very difficult.
    The change should start from the people. Nobody should expect anything out of turn and they should be united in complaining about the erring officers. It is like telling a cat and the question is that who will bell the cat.

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    Yes, there is a solution. If we stop electing the criminals to the assemblies and parliament I think, this can stop to a great extent. It is absolutely true that there are many people working in government offices are corrupt but do we ever think of the ministers running the departments? Do we have enough idea about the minister's corrupt practises? The author has rightly pointed out one thing and that is the subordinates of those corrupt workers also indulge in corrupt practices. Actually, corruption also has a hierarchy. The top boss, I mean the minister in charge of that department, is corrupt, the top-level officers working under that minister is corrupt and many of their subordinates are also corrupt. The cleaning should be done from the top and then only the system may change. I am not alleging that every minister is corrupt, though there are many such corrupt ministers and I have given just an example.

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    I agree that until the people in the top set an example of honesty and good governance how the people below would change.
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