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    Have you contributed some sum for construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya?

    Dear all,
    The construction work for Ram Temple at Ayodhya has started. Donations for the same has been invited by the concerned authority. I wish to contribute some sum for the purpose. Have you contributed some sum for the holy shrine that would be great in the history.

    I do not know the proper channel for contributing my share. What is the official channel that would take my hard earned money to the Ram temple? I do not want my share to reach the wrong hands. Please share your knowledge on this issue of contributions.
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    Today morning when I went out to the park for a walk, my friend told me that the volunteers are distributing some pamphlet and the same message is available in WhatsApp local groups also regarding the contribution - as how to make it. He told that if the contribution is more than Rs 2000 then one can make it in online and the account number is given in the message. If it is less than that amount then the volunteers are giving a printed receipt for it. He also informed that there is a deduction allowed from the income of a person for claiming he income tax benefit as 50% of the contribution can be deducted from the taxable income. Many people here are contributing in that collection as per their capacity. There is no compulsion.
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    Yesterday I came across a group of Ram Temple trust van which is propagating and enlisting the donation for the construction of grand Ram temple at Ayodhya. But there is no mention as to where to send and whom to approach. Our President Kovind was the first person to donate five lakhs for the cause and the trustees went to collect them. It seems more awareness need to be created as we cannot trust the common people seeking donations and that would lead to corruption and not for the cause. Let the information comes to us and we would certainly send a formidable contribution for the temple construction.
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    Yes. I have given some donation. My two sons also gave some money for this noble cause. I think many people are going for this. It is good to see people coming forward and making donations for the construction of Ram temple.
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    I am neither rich nor poor. Being a Hindu and worshipper of Lord Sri Vishnu, today, after ensuring that my hard earned money would reach the concerned temple authorities, I donated a simple sum of Rs. 1000/- towards the construction of Ram Janma Bhoomi Temple construction and a properly authorized receipt has been obtained. I hope it would be a big holy shrine in India. And I am planning to visit Ayodhya after the completion of the construction work. Most probably in the year 2025. I pray to Lord Sri Ram to keep me in good health to pay a visit to Him.
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    I don't know where to donate the money for it but that's for sure there will be many association that will cheat people for the name of God.

    I think it is better to go to Ayodhya and donate money there in the temple itself rather than giving money in someone else hand.


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    To go to Ayodhya to hand over the cash to the temple authorities, we may have to spend more money for conveyance, lodging and boarding. It would be a wastage of time and energy. There are printed serially numbered cash receipts for 10, 100, and 1000 rupees donations. I think it is reliable. Just pay with trust that it would reach the right hands, and leave it to Lord Sri Ram to take charge of the fraudsters, if any one involves in corrupt practices.

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