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    Increasing marriage age and tracking women for their safety".

    The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has recently made two suggestions which are under consideration. The first one is to increase the legal age of women to 21 years for getting married. The second one is to track women for their safety once they go out of the house.

    According to the Sarada Act, the minimum legal age for women to get married is after 18 years. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh wants to propose 21 years as the legal age for marriage for women. In August 2020, the Prime Minister had already made an announcement that a committee was set up to examine the possibility of increasing the age to 21.

    The second proposal is to track women for their safety if they go out of their house for their job or any other work. They have to register at a local police station and they will be provided with a helpline number to contact in case of necessity.

    Increasing the legal age of women for marriage may become a burden on the parents. The family conditions differ and many other factors determine when to get a woman married off. Tracking women is only intruding into their personal life. No woman will like to be tracked which intrudes into her privacy. The Government can do better by concentrating on other pressing problems than trying to intrude into the personal matters of the people.
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    I do agree that increasing the age to 21 as the cut off age for the girl to get married, it may be burdensome for the parents but at the same time more maturity of how to cope up the post married life is assured. By eighteen a girl is too small to understand her husband demands, the in laws behavior and more over she is just came out of her house and high family way is not desired. So I welcome the new proposal of MP govt. And tracking the movements of girl is another good step as it not only keep the security of the girls in tact and also sense of guarantee to go out without expending impending dangers. The increasing atrocity on women across the country and in the recent past the married women are also facing the wrath from the in laws and thus I am supporting this cause also fully which a new way of thinking from the MP govt.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    What should be the legal age of a girl? 21 or 18 years. Why?
    When nature has already decided what is the age of a woman then who we are to interefere. Natural age of marriage is the inception of puberty. A girl can conceive a baby at this age then what isn't the point of legality of age.
    I think, it's the personal matter of an individual when he /she wants to marry. I think it should be left either to parents or individual instead of errecting constraints.
    Maturity is quite necessary for marriage and being ready and receptive for responsibilities is also essential for this relationship.

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    I think the age of marriage for 18 years is okay as at this age the girl becomes mature. I don't agree that this age should be increased. Although it's helpful for them because most of the girls are not able to complete their education at the age of 18 years and if they are married they are not supported by their in-laws to study further so in such case it's okay to increase the age of marriage . That way the girls also would be able to study and may be able to start their career a bit if they are get married by their parents

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    I think that the minimum age of girls should be 21 years, but I do not understand whether the purpose of marriage for a woman is only to conceive or become pregnant, which is being said repeatedly that the age at which a girl can conceive, then the girl should get married. Marriage is a very sensitive matter of one's life and it is necessary to have the approval of both boys and girls in this decision but in our society even today many conservative families marry their daughters at a very young age between about 13 and 14 years. For these reasons, the law was brought so that this crime with girls at an early age can be prohibited. But even today, child marriages are seen in many places, being mothers at an early age both the health of girls becoming mothers and the health of the child being affected and the mere mortality and infant mortality rate of our country is proof of this.
    Swati Sharma

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    And by postponing the age of marriage by three years probably the government want to have contain over the growth of population at least postponed to three years.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we talk of women empowerment and equality then we should make the rules and regulations also to that level. I would welcome the idea of shifting the legal marriage age of the women to 21 years. This is required not only to enable the women to become more mature with time and understand the modalities of this world but also to differentiate between the real life partner or a cheating one. It is not a surprising fact that men and women have different expectations from the marriage and have totally a different outlook and approach to it hence we have to make rules in such a way that no men are able to cheat on women which is unfortunately very common in the society. Even in past there are number of such cases of deceit and the numbers have only increased with time. A man is privileged to leave and desert the woman whenever he wants while a woman has to think twice before deserting a man. Because of personal and social reasons many women do not complain about the atrocities of men on them even if it is the husband who is doing such torturous things. Men would get real respect only when all the men in this world think and care for the safety of women.
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    Women is one of the best creation of God. They should be given all equalities like men. They are not being made only to conceive or becoming pregnant on this earth. It is not prudent decision to fix age at marriage by seeing her physical status. It is true that she becomes mature at the age of 18. But, what does it mean? She should be get married at age of 18. Girl's life motto is to be get married. She doesn't need overall development. If govt fix age at marriage is 18 years then she will be completing her studies till this age. I like to this idea of legal age marriage should be 21 so that she could able to take responsibilities of life. In our society, different incident happening related to women. In such a situation, girls should be given more time for self development.

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    I feel it is good to increase the age limit of a girl also to 21 for getting married. A girl of 18 years will not completely understand the world. She will be in her under graduation only. So what is good and what is bad she may not be able to decide. That way it is good for a girl to wait till 21 for her marriage.
    Another question is why two different ages for two different genders. We say gender equality. Why not the same thing here also. Whether it is a girl or a boy, till she/he completes her/his studies and starts earning, the parents should take care of them. So parents may not think this as a burden to them.

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