Life is nothing short of an experiment

Life unfolds gradually. No one knows what is in store, so if people lead the life on assumptions and fear, they miss opportunities to excel in life. Suppose the beings do not test their abilities, capacities and tenacity, then how they would showcase their actual worth. One has to know his/her strength very accurately. We all need to experiment and test our strength and capabilities. Unless we do so, we fail to understand ourselves. It is easy to remain laid back but to be successful in whatever one does, give it a try which is a must. Giving a try is equal to an experiment. Unless people experiment in life, then one cannot know the plus and negative points of oneself.

In my personal life, the lockdown has taught me to know myself better. Physically I am a little weak, but my mental strength gave me the confidence to manage every household chores from morning to night for almost nine months without any hiccups. It has given me the confidence to rely on my mental strength. Thus, if I had backed out just by assuming that I can't manage my home rightly, then I would have never realised that my mental strength has the power to make me face all the challenges in life. Thus in life, we need to experiment, and then only we can come up with the best of ourselves.