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    General Election 2021and political movement.

    MLA General election are going to be held in other state of India including west Bengal in May, 2021.All the political party are trying to show their strength. But in Bengal there are two major political Party i, e, Trinomul Congress and BJP. BJP is in the Central and TMC is in the State. Many of the TMC has join hands with BJP by resigning from TMC. TMC supremo Miss Mamota Banerjee is a popular leader. Recently in daily news there are a common cluse I, e, Death, Murder.... So what is going in Bengal and when this will end. General people is peace lover. But where and when will this come. Let us have a talk about this.
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    In a democracy the voters are the final decision making factor. If they want they can make any person win whether the person deserves that post or not. Sometimes voters are under threat and fear and sometimes they are given some goodies and in both the cases they vote for the person who had approached them with some lure. So voting is a complex mechanism and there are greeds of the people associated with it. We cannot make any prediction as it is difficult to read the minds of voters. At the last minute they may change their choice. So, let us wait and see what happens.
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    It is very difficult to predict the mind of the voter in advance. Many times opinion polls which are conducted systematically with a proven scientific way also will fail to predict the outcome correctly. Till the last moment, we can't say who is going to win. In West Bengal TMC is strong. BJP is also picking up now. But at this moment we can't say who is at an advantage. Earlier days West Bengal is a very strong place for the communist party. But later on, TMC picked up and came into power.
    Mamata Banerjee is very popular in that State and she is having a good hold on the voters there. So chances are better for her to win. But BJP is trying its best to see that they will secure the majority in State assembly. My prediction is that Mamata will come to power again. But let us wait and see what is going to happen. Still, there is time for elections.

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    Mamta Banerji is a very popular and strong leader in her state. She still has a stronghold in all corners of state but BJP, in this election, has decided to oust her government at any rate. Several prominent leaders of TMC have joined BJP. What advantage they are seeking in BJP for political mileage is best known to them, however, they may be called as opportunist leaders. BJP is a very strong party. Its leadership knows very well how to win elections. Their strategy hardly fails in any elections. They work on grass root level to polarise their voters and they successfully do it but TMC can't give up easily to BJP's planning and execution of that planning as well. Surveys are projecting that TMC leadership is going to retain its government but I have doubt about it. It will not be easy for TMC to win this election despite all positive surveys, the reason is that AIMIM is coming to contest elections. It will affect Mamta on several fronts. First, Muslim voters will be divided between AIMIM and TMC, second, Congress, Communist parties will harm TMC if they don't have alliance and third, BJP will easily polarise Hindu voters by showing Ovaisi in the picture. The so-called secular vote is divided into different parties and consolidated vote for BJP will pave its easy way.

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    In 2021, there is no General Election though there are a few assembly elections. I would request the author to correct the spelling of the names of leaders and political parties in this thread. Let's patiently wait for the results of the election. What is happening in West Bengal is nothing new and such violent activities before and during the elections are taking place for quite some time. We all are concerned about this and hope good sense would prevail where political workers will apply their sense before acting so that such violence may come to an end.

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    Surely there has been over enthusiasm between BJP and the TMC over the ensuing assembly elections and this time the interest is very much because there is change of thinking in the rank and file of TMC leaders who think that TMC is the regional party and controlled by autocratic wishes of one leader whereas the exposure in BJP would lead to national exposure and this time the shift of top ranking leaders to the BJP has given shot in arm and Mamta has really shaken after one of the top leader Suvendu joined BJP thus lining up one after other defections. And the latest is the Netaji politics is being played when BJP wants to celebrate nation wide and TMC wants holiday be declared for that day on 23 rd Jan. One thing is sure TMC has been rattled because it knows the strategy of Amit Shah and hence fearing trounce.
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