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    Do you go for health conscious food or taste filled food?

    Really most of the people like to have taste filled food for their lunch or dinner. Especially Indians like to have spicy or good sweet dishes every day in their life. In Telugu states, most people are heavy food lovers. If we think about the taste we have to use more oil, more spices, more ghee, more sugar, etc., and that breaches the health-conscious feature. So if we are health-conscious definitely we should give less importance to taste. Usually, we like fries more than boiled curries, pickles prepared with more salts, sweets prepared with more ghee, butter, and sugar. In this perspective do you like to choose more tasty food or health prone food?
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    My choice is both. Without taste any food cannot be eaten. Health conscious foods we cannot decide as the same should be accepted by our individual body condition. Ragi is good for health, green leaves are good for health but since my body is a heat body doctor advised to prevent both while eating. Salt is good to our health but it is bad if the limit is more and less. If the consumption of salt is nil it will affect our brain as the level of sodium decreased.

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    If we want to have tasty food then we have to prepare it in the house using optimal spices etc. Outside food may be tasty but not hygienic and not good for health. It is difficult to relish boiled and simple food though it is a fact that it is the best thing for our health but we like to have some tasty food also if not regularly then at some interval. So, we have to keep a balance so that our taste buds are also satisfied and we also remain healthy.
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    What I feel that most of us are not health conscious but taste conscious and we want to taste different kind of foods since the taste buds demand them. Many a time we go for searching the good food that matters to our satisfaction and will not get bowed down even if it matters to drive long distance. It is the fact that those who in old city would travel down to Secunderabad to taste the Paradise Biryani and at the same time the Secunderabad people would go to the old city to taste the ever tasting Niagara Biryani. What I mean here that people would waste travel time and also wait for the seat in these hotels.
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    This is a tough question to answer for some people. I don't run after tasty food, nor I am worried about health conscious food. I eat any food which is placed before whether or not it is tasty because I respect food more than money. However, as an ordinary person I also like good taste in food but it's not my condition that come what may I want tasty food only. Every food which we eat is good for health.

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    Generally, we take food which is good for health only. We will not go for junk food in our house. We will never eat outside oily and spicy food. We are very selective in getting the food from outside. It is almost 10 months we stopped eating outside food.
    We will not use refined oils. We use very less ghee, less Mirchi, and we drink coffee and tea without sugar even though we are not diabetic. This is the habit I got from my parents and my sons also follow the same. We will not each spicy food.
    But sometimes we feel like eating some special items. Then we will get it made in the house only. They are like Pakoda, Mirchi Bazzi etc. But very rarely we make them. I think once or twice in a year only we will make them in the house.
    We eat sweets made with Jaggery but not the sweets made with sugar. Sweets, also we eat very rarely and only on special occasions.

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