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    Courtesy honored by some and ignored by some

    Today I went to a private bank where I have savings bank account. I was waiting for calling after filled up the withdrawal slip and obtained token. A sub-staff of the bank came to me and gave calendar of bank. I received the same and kept in the bag with me. I appreciated the way of the sub-staff giving the calendar. At that time a middle aged lady came inside the bank, took the chalan to be filled and sat in the chair. The staff gave calendar to her. Instead of getting from him she just stared at him and told,'Keep it with you, I have some work and when I am leaving I will get it from you'. She uttered the words as if he is her servant. His courtesy is just ignored and it made me painful while seeing this.
    When I reached the home, an electrical meter reading person was noting the reading in the EB board at the entrance of our house. I told him that the card is with our house owner who is in the upstairs. He simply stared me and told,'I gave calling bell, nobody came, I don't care'. By saying this words he just went out. Within a minute my house owner came out with the card but he refused to make entry and asked him to see in computer. In spite of my house owner arranged a high step by cement for noting the reading by seeing his trouble while taking note of the reading. Moreover the mother of my house owner was a retired person of EB only.
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    The narration and the example given by the author truly specifies that people are not good at those who give the honor and at the same time there are people who discard the honor given to them. Some people never give the expression at all for obliging them with help and some never care to respond even after the good effort to pacify them. One thing is sure every one of us are mattered with stress and pressure of work at one point of the other time and that makes us to behave strangely though we are not intended to hurt any one or have any ill feelings with others.
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    The old lady in the bank might be given benefit of doubt because of her age but about the man from the electricity department, it can be said that he should be taught a lesson. So that he might mend his ways and manners how to talk to people. Problem is if you complain to his officer, no action will be taken against him. It's everywhere the same scene. India is a big country. We have different language, religion, culture, colour, rituals, traditions but this misbehaviour and corruption are in equal ratio from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
    The day when these people learn how to talk, the system will begin to change.

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    We see such people many times in many areas. Some people use very bad words and never give respect to the other person. It is a really good gesture that somebody is giving you a gift on the eve of the new year. Asking them to keep with him is not correct. She can request really if there is any problem. But she should use proper words and should not demand.
    The government department people are definitely high headed people and they never see the convenience of the customers. In Telangana these works of noting down the metering reading and giving the invoice then and there itself is outsourced by the Electricity Board. Those people are very good and see the reading make the bill and keep them in the letter box and go. if nobody is there.

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    Interesting narration presented by the author. Some people talk and behave rudely and do not even appreciate the good things carried out by other people. This is not in a good taste but it is their inherent nature that they would never talk in a cordial, pleasant, and amicable manner. It is said that a person can win the heart of other person just by talking sweet and courteously. Those who have this calibre enjoy the respect of the fellow beings and become popular in the society. We must keep good manners on the forefront when we are treating with others in any matter .
    Knowledge is power.

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