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    Why children fall asleep to lullabies ?

    Small children below the age of three are needed to be taken care off while eating and sleeping and getting the right food and sleeping at the right time matters. We the adults try to force the taste of our food on the children which not accepted that easily. And the sleeping is the big problem, as some use the cradle, but the best way to keep the children go to dizzy is to sing lullabies. Even the grown up children go asleep listening to lullabies. However story telling by grand mother is another way of making the children fall asleep.
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    Lullabies are melodies to babies. They enjoy their mother's soothing voice and the meaningful words said in the lullaby. I remember a lullaby from the Tamil film Parasakhthi enacted by Sivaji Ganesan. In that film, actress Ranjani plays the role of sister to Sivaji Ganesan. Ranjani has a baby girl. But her three brothers living in Singapore could not get in touch with Kalyani(Ranjini). She sings a lullaby " Kanne Kann Maniye Kannurangaayo...... Mamanmaar Moovarundu...Un mambala kannathile....mutha maarigal pozhinthida varuvar...(Meaning - Oh my child! close your eyes and sleep. You have three maternal uncles. They will come to shower kisses on your mango-like cheeks)

    I used to sing certain film songs to get my daughter and son to sleeping mode. Unfortunately, my good lady doesn't sing. It was my daily duty to sing and make my children sleep.

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    Children love their mother to sing and they get exited with her voice.
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    Perhaps it's affection or lullaby or cradling in lap or patting on back, I can't say what a kid feels about all these things. However, I think when parents start to do some activity like reciting the lullaby to get the baby sleep, and when this recitation is repeated several times then he begins to recognise this kind of act for sleep and listening to lullaby becomes essential for him and without listening to it he will not sleep.
    But the most important point is that either smell or lap of mother makes the baby feel immense peace.

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    Lullabies are like soft sedatives making the tender minds of children slowly going in the lap of sleep. This is the age old technique used by mothers to calm down the babies. The wordings of lullabies is not much important and what is important is its tone and rhythm and flow of the melody. A well sung melody is a great source of relaxation for both the persons - mother as well as the child.
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