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    Should we postpone vaccine shots

    The reports emanating from different parts of the country suggests that there has been consequences and after effects on vaccine shots and now the manufacturers wants the patients to be under one week vigil after having taken the vaccine shots. This rider comes when the govt put the onus of after effects and the compensation squarely on the vaccine manufacturers who in turn shirks the responsibility cautioning to restrain themselves in the event of they having chronic diseases not to have the vaccines. Then for who whom these vaccines are made?
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    We should continue with the vaccine shots. The percentage of people who have shown some symptoms after taking the vaccine is very negligible. Just imagine 500 out of 2 lakhs. it is only 0.0025 percent. They are weak and old and has no immunity power. No one died, but had nausea, headache and fever, and are being treated. Even when we take TT, we used to get a fever for a day or two. We should go ahead with the administration of vaccines without any hesitation. Now it is voluntary to take the vaccine. The fit might take, and the unfit and fearing public might ignore.
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    But the negative impact of some setbacks to have the mark on ongoing vaccination drive.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No vaccine is 100% fool proof. The scientific history of vaccine development would vouch for that. In general if a vaccine is 70 to 90% effective in its intended purpose, it is accepted clinically and given to the people in large scale vaccination program. As Mr Sun has rightly mentioned only a few who have some medical conditions would not be able to tolerate these vaccines. Most of the people will tolerate it and will be more secure and safe and would not get the corona infection once they take this vaccine. There are some people who do not go out of the house and take too much care of their health and they have a very good resistance and immune system also and over and above that, they have a small number of people in the family and a palatial house to live where everyone is isolated from one another. These people may not go for these vaccines. That is the ideal situation, if they do so, but a common lower class person who has to go to attend to his job cannot avoid the vaccine. If he does not go out he loses his job and question of livelihood comes on the front.
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    We need not postpone taking the vaccine. We should go ahead. No vaccine will work 100% efficiently. There may be some stray cases. But I think there is no loss of lives. When BCG vaccine was given those days, many people used to get a fever and suffer for 3 or 4 days. Many people suffered those days. Even these days when other vaccines are given to kids they will also get sometimes fever. So we should not worry. We should follow all the precautions told by the doctor and be careful for some time so that we will be aright.
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    The side effects of administration of the corona vaccination are possible as we have seen earlier also in other vaccinations as well such as BCG, TB etc. There are chances of deterioration in cases of senior citizens due to their low immunity especially if they have the disorders like hypertension, diabetes etc.However, the would remain under the vigilance of the medical professionals. So we should go ahead with the present drive of vaccination in order to protect ourselves from this deadly virus., The effectiveness of this medicine is rated at 70 percent but this may be a tentative calculation. It could go even higher when the drive is over.

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    I also believe that the program of vaccination should not be postponed. As we know, during vaccination such reports of estimates are made to know how effective the vaccine is. It is common that when the vaccine is given, then the process of antibiotic formation after its entry into the body is a bit complicated and in such a situation, there may be a problem for people whose immune system is already weak, or if they are suffering from various diseases, etc. But if we see the report, such cases are very few, so vaccination should be continued.
    Swati Sharma

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    The vaccination program should go on as planned by the Government. One thing I am unable to understand is why Covaxin is administered under clinical trial on the people? Why there is such a hurry? It could have been administered after phase III trials are over.
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    I have heard some negative report about this vaccine. Some people have died also besides other side effects. It was being reported about this vaccine that the third trial was yet to be done but it was introduced to front line workers. Does anybody know about the third trial of this vaccine?

    Now, coronavirus is almost over and now this vaccine has come. Should we go for it?
    What does it cost?

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    Personally if tou ask me I am going to have it now. Once I will see the consequences and the side effects of the same then will have it.

    Recently I had watched in the news that a person of MP died after getting vaccinated . Though it's not clear if it's due to the vaccine or due to any other reason but his family members have a doubt that he died because of the vaccine only. Still the investigation is going on. This was a week ago when I saw this news.


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    Already those who are above 50 years are going to be vaccinated in Hyderbad and I am also opting to vaccinate.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The DOD (Date of Death)of a person is already held in the books of Yama that we cannot have a look at it. Vaccine is made to escape from COVID-19. We can escape from COVID-19, but never from death. Hence, no one should fear the vaccine that has been made to fight against a deadly virus. Take it with a smile.
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    According to a survey by YouGov India, only 8% of the country's population said it was unlikely that they would accept the vaccination, but that is only half the story.

    In a separate question, a whopping 41% of urban Indians said they would want to wait a few months before receiving the shot to make sure it was safe – despite the urgency to act in the pandemic that is still spreading worldwide. Only a third of Indians said they wanted to get vaccinated right away. According to Al Jazeera, only one third of people invited to receive a vaccine at its launch showed up. In the capital Delhi, 53% of people scheduled to receive the shot attended in the first three days of the campaign.

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