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    Do not be too good for others

    Being good to others is the great trait and everyone loves to have the friendship and bonding of those who reach out. But there are some innocent people who are too good to others and their this trait is misused and often taken as weakness which in turn amounts to gross misuse of the help. It is the fact that those who are lazy and by virtue of their high position in the society do take huge advantage and in the guise of seeking help they degrade the person to do such work which is not expected of them. What is your view on this?
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    Some credulous people are born to be taken for granted. How many times they are used by others, they forget, even they don't change themselves, despite having been befooled many times. I think it is their fault why they let others use them or make them fool.
    The world is clever which wants to utilise people for its gains, benefits and vested interests. You can see this misuse at every level. Some people are too smart in their ways and modus operandi that they can befool even most of people who befool others too. Befooling others is an art, a special characteristic. Interesting point is that we are befooled and we don't realise that are being befooled. Most of us are cunning within our circle, we can stupefy some people whereas some other people who are smarter than us stupefy you, me and others. It's merely a game of besotting one another.

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    Yes being too good is not good. Once you start doing it people will expect more from you only and they will use you like a doormat. So one has to set his/her limit and should help people to a certain limit only.

    Also this has a disadvantage that people will come to you only when they need something . They won't come to meet you but will come to take something for themselves. Only the needy people will attract you not the genuine person.

    You will always be seen as if you are meant to help others even when you are not in few instances. People will abuse you if only once when you are not able to help them because they had made perception that you would always help.

    It's sad that people always have greed and lust so they don't appreciate such people but use them for their own benefits.

    It's always advisable to set your limit and don't be so generous and help others too much.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Since childhood, we have been taught that it is good to be nice to all, do not misbehave with anyone whether he is doing the same with you, but in today's time, this definition has changed a bit because in today's time, if people are well more than necessary, then these people have to suffer many losses. Goodness is good to the extent that you are helping people thinking about their interests, but if people take advantage of your goodness and use you then you should stop yourself. Some people are very evil in their nature, such people will make you sweet by doing good in front of you, but when the time comes, their real face is understood, even if you remain a good person with those evil people at that time, then you would have done wrong with your self. . Along with your goods, you should keep balancing your self-respect.
    Swati Sharma

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    If you are too humane extending help every time, you are harming yourself. May be you are in the habit of offering help to the entire mankind so that you may get internal satisfaction. To that extent, it looks you are doing fine jobs. You would get lot of appreciation and praise initially but that phase is not the permanent since you may fail sometimes to oblige them. That will be the cause of their annoyance and if you don't come up to their expectations, you will be labelled as an uncooperative person. It hardly matters that you had been so nice in the past taking special care in completion of their jobs ignoring even your personal work. In that way, you would be a great looser firstly they would defame you later on and secondly you will have a lot of pending assignments not attended earlier.

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    Good or bad, extreme of everything is harmful to the individual. Life requires a balanced approach everywhere. If we are not doing any bad thing to others it does not mean that we would be doing good things to them. Some people are neutral in their nature. Neither they would do any harm to us nor tolerate any offence from us. At the same time they would not ask our help and would not be helping anyone. Somehow, this appears reasonable but not in a right spirit because if all of us become neutral the world would be a robotic place without any feeling and sentiment. So, people should have a desire and action to help others albeit to a limited extend that is up to the reasonable amount in that particular circumstances. Helping too much and beyond ones capacity is a suicidal act. It may do god to hoers but ones own life would be in problem.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Too much is never advisable. When we exist only we can help others. Hence we should take care of ourselves and then only we should think of helping others. We should help only to the deserving people. Some people try to take a ride on us for their benefit. We should be careful with them and we should maintain the distance with such people. But if the other person is in trouble and really deserves help, we should help that person.
    When somebody tries to make fun of us and start thinking that we are easily available to them we should show our value to them. We should see that they will understand the value of our work and the help we are doing to them.

    always confident

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