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    Restrictions on Web Series and Movies Fair or not.

    There has been a lot of criticism at this time about a recently released web series 'Tandava' and there has been a demand that this web series should be banned because the faith of religion was hurt in a particular scene of this series.

    In general, it is the right of the censor board to decide which movies or web series should be banned and which are not, but it is often seen that some movies are objected to after the release by the viewer and also blame the censor board, that it is permitting them by taking money.

    I request the members to express their views on this subject. Do the people raising these objections themselves give as much importance to the faith as they are showing in opposition or is it only a showoff or politics.
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    I don't what is this issue all about. If it hurt the religious sentiment of people, it should not be allowed. Which scenes picture objectional material should be censored.
    Personal liberty and freedom of expression do not allow them to hurt the feelings of others.

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    There are lots of movies which should be censored before the release but are not. I have seen lots of vulgarity or action in the film but not a single scene is cut in the movie and there are lots of movies which are not released as they are not permitted by the censor borad. Actually there should be a fixed criteria for the same . The films are certified as U, U/A and A category as per the criteria.

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    I think there was no censor for the OTT platforms. But very recently only OTT platforms, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SonyLIV, ZEE5, Disney Plus Hotstar etc, are brought come under the purview of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. So now the web series have to follow certain rules and regulations and that will bring some improvement It is better for them not to make any adverse comments on any religion. In India people are having some sentiments and if anybody touches them, unnecessary law and order problems will raise. So it is better to be away from such issues. Censoring is goo in that aspect.
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    At present there is an adverse wave propagating in social media about the movies made by the Bollywood industry. People are not happy with the Bollywood for many reasons and there are many people who believe that Bollywood has nexus with drug pedlars and other evil underground mafias in the country. So, presently some people are even boycotting the new movies and web series. There might be some people in Bollywood who may have such links but we cannot generalise that all of them are bad people. Some of the celebrities have gone to court also for defamation cases against the people who are telling negative about them.
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    The pandemic and after effect of no film making for the movies has created a strong preference for the web series in which with new star cast , bold romantic scene, double meaning dialogues and also fierce fighting give the web series most sought after as the viewers can see a particular scene again and again and thus such films have become more hit with the youth. But as said by the author and other members the series should not degrade any religion nor support a particular religion, Only yesterday I came across the news that web series should also be scrutinized before the censor board and that should stop the bad movies.
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    If there are any restrictions on any movies/web series it should be based on some guidelines. While reviewing the posts on ISC, the editors check whether the posts followed the posting guidelines or not and then take action accordingly. Nowadays, it's so easy to criticize anything. Just post it on social media and you will get a bunch of supporters. To me, the terms religious faith and secularism are quite confusing. On certain issues, people create a stir by saying we are secular so such and such things should not happen or shown and on some other issues a group creates a stir by saying it should not be done since it is hurting their religious faith. Unfortunately, we cannot rise above all these things and say that we are humans. You may call this the interesting side of democracy.

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    Censor board and other regulatory agencies time to time put restrictions on controversial material in the movies or other media and even remove or cut a part of it which is not in good taste or hurt the sentiments of the people. If the common people make a hue and cry about some part in these videos which are objectionable then the producers themselves remove it to avoid the wrath of the common people because it is the common people who are giving business to them and it is their primary endeavour to make them happy in all respect. No producer or director can survive without the support of the viewers.
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    Has anybody watchesd this web series? Paurush Sharma who is a YouTuber has claimed that he has seen four parts of this series and there is no such scenes which may be called objectionable.
    I have not watched it, so I can't say about it.

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    Tandav. web series makers have offered their unconditional apology for those scenes which have hurt the sentiments of people. They have said that they will remove those scenes which are objectionable for the people. They said that they did not intend to hurt their sentiments.

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