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    Two recession-proof businesses for sure!!

    Food and beauty. In the post Covid phase, when the vaccine is expected to work over the next few months, and other vaccines are also approved, in the service sector the beauty and food businesses seem to be coming back to normal times. The weddings are beginning to happen once again and those in the beauty business seem to be laughing all the way to the back. For even the pretty ordinary bridal make-up in the semi-urban areas of Tamil Nadu, one needs to spend Rs4000 and for something similar in a metro like Chennai the charges go upto Rs10000.

    The restaurants are back in business. At least these two businesses do not seem to have any recession now.
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    It is our resilience which keeps our life normal. This normalcy is not coming back to marriage or food only , but also in all walks of life. We forget everything easily because we don't store everything in our mind. Recession is for some people, rest all are enjoying this so-called recession. I listen to hue and cry that millions have lost jobs but practically it does not seem to be on the ground. It is more likely to be on paper. Those who were rich before pandemic are still rich and those who were poor are still crying for their poverty.
    Should we expect that people should complaint about their joblessness, and we have seen it on the street too when educated youth came on street to protest. But we have seen no effect of this or similar protest in elections. What I should conclude that people are happy with so-called recession.

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    True. I am seeing already many restaurants doing good business and they are back to normal. All the restaurants in Hyderabad are opened and people started eating out. Even roadside shops also started doing business and people are not hesitating to eat there. They say for cooked hot foods there is no problem. Anyhow it is good that the business is flourishing.
    Beauty products business is not suffered that much during COVID time also and it will come to the normal position now. Haircutting saloons are opened and people started going there for a hair cut. Gyms and other physical fitness centres started working normally.
    All things should come back to the position of post covid position and all the employees who lost their jobs should get back their jobs. Then people will start spending like earlier and all the businesses will flourish. Let us wish and hope that society will come back to normal at the earliest.

    always confident

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    I do agree with the author that in the recent past the food business has not only sustained the covid challenge but also developed new ways to address the need of the customers. Even during peak covid time , the hotels were operating from the indoors and supplying the parcels and thus they catered to the regular and needy customers. Now the situation improved a lot. Those who were the old customers who were shunning the outsiide foods either too are now coming to the hotels and having food. So there is no dearth for business and the same way the beauty sector is also in the great demand as people prefer home service than visiting the salons and parlor. One thing is sure , as long as customers are retained and customers are satisfied with quality and good service there is no dearth for demand and acceptance.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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