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    How much do you read from the internet daily

    The Internet has brought a revolution almost in every field of life. It has made many difficult things easy. From filling application forms to reading online, things have become easy. With electronic gadgets like smartphone, reading has become easier than it was before.

    Instead of buying and reading newspapers from news vendors, people are reading things from the internet through smartphones. Most people are busy with social media chatting and sending messages to each other. However, One can also read many important things from the internet, from reading the daily news updates, editorials, articles etc.

    My point is how much do members use the internet daily for reading and getting important updates through smartphones.
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    I remember there was a time when we used to have to go to library for fetching any reference information or book for it. Going to library was a 10-15 minutes walk and then sitting there and getting the required thing was another 20-30 minutes and then coming back was there totalling an hour or so for a small information. Today with a click of a finger on our smartphone screen we are getting everything so easily on the go. Life is easy now from this angle and we can get as much information as we want though there are issues of genuineness of the information. If I workout the total time spent on these devices whether it is a smartphone or laptop or desktop or tablet it would easily come to, in my case, to a good 4-5 hours daily. This is the time which is spent for reading the news and other information, seeing the videos, writing in sites like ISC etc, searching some information etc. This is not a continuous indulgence as there are at least 6-7 breaks in between but cumulative time from 6 AM to 10:30 PM is of that order.
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    Not much, however, I watch some YouTube channels and a few newspapers like The Hindustan times, The Hindu and sometimes, some others too, besides them, news channels like BBC, Al jazeera.
    I don't read online books. I have downloaded some books when I need some information I open them to read.
    I suggest the author to download this book if he has not read "The Protocol Of the elders of Zion"
    However, some people have put some questions on it.

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    At present,my reading is restricted to two print edition newspapers daily-one Malayalam and one English.
    In the net I read the main news coming in Daily Hunt app. I also read news from an online news portal. Once in a while I scan the E papers in different languages like Tamil, Hindi etc. This usually I do when there are certain events happening in these States or situations like elections.

    Apart from this my reading is mainly the forum posts, AE section posts and some articles in ISC. For needed references and clarifications in relation to ISC contents(my posts or other members' posts) I refer various sources in the internet.
    Then I read the various posts coming in Whats App and may also do further search and reading on related matters .
    I have downloaded various e books in my desktop and phone, but have not read them fully yet. Once in a while I refer them for some clarifications.

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    I used to read the print form of the newspaper daily before the Pandemic. But during COVID 19 I stopped purchasing a newspaper and started reading the newspaper online. Any information I want I am taking it from the internet only. I may be spending an hour or 2 on the internet. During this period I will see my emails, social media for some time and then going through some topics of interest in Google search. Earlier I used to read many nooks. But now I stopped almost reading books. But reading the information on the internet only.
    But I use most of the time laptop but not a smartphone. It is very inconvenient for me to read on the smartphone screen which is small in size.

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    I fully utilize the facility of internet for the most part of the day time for various purposes. Previously I used Jio's monthly plan of data on mobile and AP fiber networks for cable TV. The same network I am using on my PC also. Due to Covid, as my children are using Jio fiber broadband of high speed we stopped the AP fiber network and for all purposes, we are now using Jio fiber broadband. So I stopped the monthly data mobile plan at present. I use the internet for reading e-newspapers, ISC following, browsing for various information, watching movies, watching mobile channels, watching youtube, referring books online, making online purchases, etc. My recent hobby online is watching travel vlogs created by Telugu people and Indians. I am seeing so many Telugu people created travel vlogs where these people travel throughout the world solo. These vloggers are traveling to such places that we cannot imagine and are creating beautiful videos. From such videos, we can learn about new things and new places and we cannot go to such places in our lifetime. So I fully enjoying the benefits of the internet.

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    For me going through the days news early in the morning would give the entire picture of what has been happened the whole day and the night so that I get the whole some information of happenings across the globe. I am more interested in politics and also give the comments on a popular news paper online to which I am famous and going good. It is interesting to see online news going on tricking in as the notifications on our mobile and thus I am kept updated as to what has been done , happening and going to happen.
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    For me internet is very important because I pay all my utility bills online even the school fee of kids also I do it through Google pay . Apart from this for small purchase I use Paytm. So for almost everything I use internet.

    Also I use internet to listen songs as I connect it to my music system through bluetooth. And even watch movies on TV by connecting my phone to it. I also read news on my smart phone . I have not read newspaper long time back. I don't read books but I search interesting articles on internet and read them. Even while having any problem in teaching the kids I refer Google for the solution of their questions so for me internet is very useful and my life is incomplete without it. I really doubt if I can live without it. I remeber few days back I went to Gangotri where there were no internet and to love without it for a day became too boring and difficult.


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