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    The innovative idea of business

    I was searching for some information on a topic and I came across a website where I read the story of a 22 years old young man of London who has opened a hotel for animals. This idea came in his mind when his family planned to go somewhere for a week or so. His family was worried about their pet animals, who would look after them in their absence. One of the relatives solved their problem and kept their pets in his home till they returned. This young man thought that this is a common problem with every person who wants to tour somewhere during holidays, they would stay in a hotel, why there should not be any hotel for these pets also. So he thought this unique idea of opening a hotel for animals. He made proper arrangement for a different type of animals like cat, dog, horse, birds etc. He made habitats for them and made an arrangement of food for all these animals. He gave an advertisement in print and electronic media. In this way, he became a known name to other people. When people want to go somewhere they phone him and he has appointed some employees for handling these animals. His employees go homes of his customers to take their pets. He charges for food and lodging given to animals in his hotel. His business is flourishing.
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    Innovative entrepreneurship is the key to inception of new business entities and some people excel in that field. Everyone cannot be innovative as it requires a specific thinking with a new idea which can click in this competitive world. Those who have this inclination can progress in business area in an unprecedented way. I read one story that before the invention of the shoes the people were carpeting (carpets made with leaves and straws) the path near the entrance for important persons so that they can wash their feet and then move on the carpets inside till they leave the place. Someone thought that instead of doing that let wrap the feet of the person with some material like dried skin of an animal. That later became the idea for shoe invention.
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    A good and innovative concept. When we are the front runners in any new concept we will have the early bird advantage. Once a person is successful in a particular line many people will follow him and competition will increase. That will make the customer comfortable.
    I heard there are such houses in Hyderabad also for dogs. My brother in law is having two pet dogs. Whenever his family goes out they keep those dogs in those houses. They charge some amount per dog per day. They take care of the dogs very well. I don't know whether there are any homes like this for other animals.

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    There is a very good idea through which a business has taken care of the concern of many families and the care of their pets. It is true that when there is any pet in the family, it becomes like a member of the family but sometimes people can not give all the facilities like a member even if they want to. In such a situation, this boy told by the author has done an innovative work by giving an idea. Probably many more people have a tendency towards this business. I hope that more such hotels will be opened in more places as this is the need of many people.
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