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    What does it mean to us?

    Dear fellowmen,
    Yesterday, I went to the market. I had my Mobile on my left pant pocket tied to the belt with a sting, and I had my money purse on my pant's right rear pocket duly buttoned up. Also I carried a hand bag to carry the items bought from the market. After making few purchases, suddenly I found my money purse missing. My purse had my Aadhaar Card, Driving license, one Credit Card and two Debit Cards and a sum of Rs, 1500/-. I lost everything. I could not do anything. Whom to compIain and how to complain? I was totally lost at sea.

    Members, the above was a dream that I had early in the morning at about 6.30 hrs.

    It is said that early morning dreams have positive effect. If right, I might really lose my money purse. Some one say that it would have the opposite effect. If right, I might get someone's purse in my hand.

    What is right? What my dream means to me? Will it have positive effect or negative effect? What is going to happen to me?

    Dream analysts may help me to interpret my early morning dream.
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    There is a belief that early morning dreams will become true within a short time. But I don't know how far it is correct. But taking some precautions is always better. Expect that something may happen and keep the items safely in the secret pocket so that no one can reach the same. Otherwise don't carry more money with you for another 2 or 3 days. If not required don't carry the cards also with you. Try to avoid going to crowded places. Just this is an assumption only. Nothing may happen. But taking some precautions is always better.
    always confident

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    Don't be too serious about dreams. Generally, our dreams are reflection of what we think or do or worries about. I have also heard that dream of morning often come true. If you believe in dream then take precautions while going out of home, else you not need to worry.
    I don't heed to what I see. If I dream some bad dream I seek refuge of my Almighty from any harm and forget what I have dreamed.

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    Dreams are the manifestation of feelings and emotions in our subconscious mind. Sometimes they are bizarre ones and have no explanation also. Some people believe that dreams can be interpreted. But such interpretations are just like palmistry or astrology or numerology or forehead reading or tarot cards. Explanations are there and interpretations are there but how much they come true and interpretable is anybody's guess. So, some people link these dreams to real life situations and start taking care in their lives. They believe that in case of any doubt it is better to take precautions.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Whether a person sleeps during the day or at night, having dreams while sleeping is a natural process. These are possible due to our subconscious mind. Many times we derive the meaning of dreams in our own ways, in astrology, the auspicious and inauspicious effects of dreams are also given. But even today many research is being done regarding the truth of dreams. Apart from this, it happens many times that some dreams come true but that is probably because we believe more in it or we are thinking more about it.
    Swati Sharma

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