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    Do you use green leafy vegetables frequently in your diet?

    Green leafy vegetables are more abundantly available vegetables comparatively with less cost than other vegetables. But they are very good in nutrients like minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Especially they improve the immunity of our body with these nutrients. Using Microgreens, the small plantlets developed from the initial stage is the present trend to boost our immunity. Like in the past we don't find many pests on leafy vegetables. But we must be careful to wash them thoroughly before we use them because they are flooded with various chemicals in their cultivation. In the past ladies are more reserved in using leafy vegetables as they are infested with pests. We use most commonly Amaranthus (Thotakura), Gongura (Sour spinach), Chukka Kura (Khatta palak), Menthi Kura (Fenugreek), Palak, Coriander, curry leaf, Bachali Kura (Malabar Spinach). Out of all, I like Gongura chutney most and we make it at least once a week in our house. Actually, Cabbage is also a leafy vegetable only and we use it most frequently. What about your leafy vegetable usage in your home?.
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    Yes. We eat them regularly. One leafy vegetable will be mixed with dal daily. Some times we make curries with these leafy vegetables. Sometimes Chutnies will be made with these leafy vegetables. My wife adds some leafy vegetables in curries. That will give good taste to the curry.
    We never use them without cleaning. My wife grows these leafy vegetables in her kitchen garden. We don't use any insecticides or pesticides in our garden. So there is no problem. But we use them only after washing two or three times with water. The general practice is to soak these vegetables in water for some time and then clean them again with running water and then dry them and use.

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    Yes, we take vegetables as well as pulses. All type of vegetables should be eaten. Green vegetables are a good source of vitamin A but other vegetables are also necessary for health. My elders would say that we should always take both vegetables as well as fruits of the season.
    I take rice too.

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    Greens are normally good as it is easy to cook. Everyday morning in a right time a vendor came with all types of greens in his cycle which costs less comparing to other vegetables. We do cook one green alternate days.

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    Green vegetables must be included in our meals because of enhancing property of our immunity. All the green vegetables provide us the essential minerals to tone up body system and its regular use can provide us essential vitamins. Some of green vegetables such as tomato, radish, onions should be taken in raw along with our meals for healthy maintenance of our liver and pancreas. However, these vegetables should be thoroughly washed for the elimination of pesticides which might be present due to its frequent use during the period of cultivation.

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    During my childhood, I did not like to take greens in any form. Later when I came to know their benefits, as now narrated by the author nicely, I forced myself to start taking them and now regularly taking them time to time. These are power packed items and the best thing about them is that they are full of fibre which is supposed to be very good for our gut. People who do not like the taste of greens can take them with potatoes, cotton cheese, and other such tastier items. Many people cook the greens with spices and garlic onion paste to bring a specific taste in them.
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    Yes we do eat green leafy vegetables because they are basically good in Vitamin A which is good for health. Cabbage is the one which is likes by me too much but because of the insects it has it is to be cooked carefully. Also we are fond of the leaves of radish. They are good in taste after being cooked. Apart from these spinach is very popular vegetable in northern India.

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    In our home there is a like and acceptance of green leafy vegetable at least twice a week and for which we shop at Polymeraas a new chain of vegetable shop has opened in our area which stores fresh stock direct from the farmers and the rates are very reasonable. We get Palak at one rupee and the stock is piled up at 6 am in the morning as I finish the walking and bring the leafy vegetables to home. We also get the menthi leafs at one rupees and even Mint leaves at one rupee. Over and above Dhania leaves are also at one rupee and therefore using the green vegetables has become must for every home here.
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    Our Dishes are incomplete without vegetables. Vegetables are an important source of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. They are important for human health and provide better nutrition. My food is incomplete without green leafy vegetables. We have amazing vegetables available and we grow them in our garden with a variety of pulses. "Haakh" is a Kashmiri word used for a long leafy vegetable commonly used by people. During winters people make pickles of it and take extensively with pulses. It is available round the year and adds variety into our dishes.

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    The usual form is that green leafy vegetables are part of everyday food items in every family, and so is the case in my family. But during winter, leafy vegetables are available in more quantity, so their consumption is increased in these days. I like green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, mustard, etc. That is why it becomes cold and special for me. Paneer palak is also my favorite, these days due to the corona epidemic we are making paneer also at home.
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    We use them in variety of ways in our meals and main courses though they are even good in making snacks etc also. As I have interest in making newer and newer dishes so if one experiments with these leafy vegetables and uses them with mushrooms, eggs, cottage cheese etc then we can make some delicious dishes out of that effort. For example Palak (Spinach) can be used with cottage cheese or eggs to create delicious Palak Paneer dish. There are many other options using the green vegetables. They are very good for our guts and general health also.
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