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    Education is the Keynotes of Success in Life.

    The meaning of the word 'Education' is not a limiting one. Nobody can measures it's depth. All are learning something in everywhere throughout their journey of life. Education can make anything and also can destroyed everything in life. The real education help the nation of a country to built their motherland in a super way. Education can achieve you in your goal in life. Hence it should be the keynotes of success in life. What is your view?
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    I am unable to understand how education can also destroy everything in life as mentioned in the thread. Education is no doubt important but unfortunately, there is no definite process to find out whether a person is educated or not. Education is successful when you apply the knowledge that you have gained. If there is no application, I don't think there is any success. Yes, education increases the chance to be successful in life and that's why there must be a focus on educating every individual.

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    Education is the key of success- we have been listening to people saying this great teaching and it's also an undeniable fact that lower class people or those who have been marginalised for ages in the society , are now holding high offices. Reason is obvious- it's education which elevated their status in the society. You can be a doctor or an engineer or a computer programmer or a successful person in any other field provided that you are qualified. But the other side of the coin tells a different story. If someone becomes a politician regardless of him being a well educated person or not he can dictate an IAS officer who became D.M. after passing out the toughest competition of the country. The same criminal who was arrested by the police, if he comes back to the same police station after winning the election, police inspector will salute him. This is an irony in our country.
    You can say it's all because of democracy.

    I think businessman is top of all. If he invest his money in construction of a hospital the top doctors will work in his hospital as employees or if he invest his money in real estate he can hire top engineers as his 'yes, sir' men.
    These businessmen can hire even politicians by donating millions or billions to party fund.

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    It is the well known fact that Education is the key to success of our life and we should not end with mere education but should explore more with specialization. That means by claiming to be graduate or post graduate one should not claim that he has qualified and expects more job opportunities for him. Educated is the continued process and the more dig is made and qualified and the more the chances to accept the candidature for future. And those who have qualified well with professionalism should not compromise their position and wait for the right job. For example what is the use of candidates who qualified as B tech and expecting the job in MNC's as the fresher employee instead one should strive to get into the core group companies for the specialized posts and that would give the job satisfaction also in the long run.
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    Yes, I agree with the writer, education gives a direction to life, the relation of education is not only for job creation but also for human development is very important. There are many people in our society whose aim is to prove themselves educated only by having a degree, but on the other side, there are some people who have more knowledge than degrees. The true meaning of education is to have theoretical and practical knowledge of knowledge. To strengthen basic education, we need to be aware along with the educational institutions, we also need to keep in mind that what changes should be made in the form of an education system that is in existence at present so that the entire development is possible. As the author has said that education destroys everything here, I understand less of education but more role of teacher because if a teacher gives wrong education to his student then it is definitely like ruining a life.
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    Education is a requirement for a happy living. But this education need not be a formal education and need not be the degrees and certificates we obtain by studying. A lot of learning is required and that learning may be informal also. A carpenter who is having the skill of converting a stick to a beautiful toy is also a successful man in his life. He may not be having any degrees from universities. Enquiring different skills and applying them in a real-life situation will bring us success.
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    There is no substitute for education. It brings us out from the dark of our lives when we realise that this world is too big and there are so many things to be understood and learned for which one life is miserably small. So, the importance of education is actually manyfold. Some people link the education with materialistic success in our lives and that is I think not a proper and justifiable correlation as the purpose of education is not to earn money but make ourselves wiser and knowledgeable. The earning comes as a by product of that process and earning may come or may not come that is also a thing to understand in its entirety. So, getting education is an enlightenment and it may not be a successful thing if one links it with materialistic progress and wealth acquired. Education actually changes our perspective to see things and many problems in this world can be solved if every one becomes educated.
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