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    Gods are also approached by wrong persons for favor?

    Just now finished watching a Tamil serial on Vijay tv which shows a doctor by profession but cunning by her attitude does the evil plans to turn her ex lover to her side but often fails. But in a particular scene she visits a temple and seek God's blessing to punish her detractors and relatives who are good to the audience but bad to that character and thus it gives the impression that Gods are also approached for the wrong doers favor. Is that really believable and happening. Please discuss the same and append your views.
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    It is common to see that people going to temples with prayers for their own requirements. At the sametime we can see some people standing by our side praying God for making others to get ruined. In Mahabharat all Pandavas learnt many things from Guru Drona for protecting their nation as a Prince who is going to be a King sooner or later. But Kauravas learnt many things from the same Guru in order to ruin entire heredity of Pandavas. In Tamil there is a saying,'thanakku rendu kannu ponalum aduththavanukku oru kannu poganum' which means one eye should get damaged for another even two eyes of his own got damaged. People are there around us.

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    True. Going to the temple and praying God for favours is very common. Even many people put some money in the Hundi if their wish gets fulfilled. We are humans and we think that God is also like us. So we think that what makes us happy will make God also happy. So we will try to pray to God as if we are innocent and the fault is with the other person only. But This is a wrong notion. Please who do wrong things will get punished sooner or later. This is proved time and again.
    Duryodhana went and asked for help from Lord Krishna for his war against Pandavas. Pandavas also went and asked Lord Krishna for help. God behaves as if he is helping both the parties. But we know finally what happened. Lord Krishna has seen that Dharma will win over Adharma. So anybody can pray God but what will be the final outcome is important.

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