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    Employees should not be pressurized for fall and rise of business

    In private companies especially the manufacturing sector the productions are constant and even increasing commensurate with the market demand. Sometimes due to competitor over smart moves and other deep discount offers would derail the very acceptance of company products and in that case the employees should not be penalized with retrenchment or holding the salary etc. The marketing techniques need to be explored and employees should not be harassed for slow movement of the orders and demand. What is your say ?
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    In any business unit the relation between the employer and employee is governed by a straight forward mechanism. As per that mechanism if business goes down or ceases to exist then the employee is asked to go home. There is nothing unusual in that. This is the reason why people prefer a small job in Govt sector than a bigger job in private business. In Govt job whether Govt profits or makes losses, the employee always gets the salary and all the facilities. So, in private sector the companies are generally diversifying and changing their business with time as per the need of the customer and then are able to keep the workforce employed for a long time. The employees also should understand that if the company flourishes then only they will be benefited and it is imperative that employees should also work hard for the progress of the company and should be always ready to learn new skills required in the changing business environment.
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    New labour laws, apparently, are in favour of industrialist to encourage new investors. Sometimes, such steps are necessary to be taken to maintain or uplift the level of business. The industrial sector has been affected due to several internal and external factors. Many industries have been locked in different states. The issue which the author has raised favours the labour class but how the management can provide them with a salary or other perks if the company runs in the loss. Salary, facilities and promotion and all that depend on the profit of the company. No private company or employees have any sympathy with each other but mutual interest.

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    Industries are also nothing but a part of the business. No person will do a business for a loss. If the company is doing good and making profits means the employees will also be given good increments and bonus also will be given. In the same way, if there are no profits the company may not give increments and bonus also will be paid as per the statutory requirement.
    Labour laws will apply to workmen only and the senior staff and officers whose salaries are more will not be covered under these rules. Their terms of employment will be dependent on the terms of the appointment letter.
    In any private organisation, the terms and conditions will be mentioned clearly. From either side, anybody wants to part there will be a condition in which the notice period will be mentioned. If the employer wants to remove the employee or the employee wants to go away that notice period clause is to be followed. Definitely in every private company, every employee holds some responsibility and he will be questioned for non-perfromace.

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    Employers of private sectors keep many things in mind to be followed in their business culture and the most important being their rapport with the customers but they have their eyes on maximising the profits so as to retain in the field of business. These employers are innovative enough thinking each parameters of the business from where some additional profit could be achieved. The employees of such private sectors are aware of the prevailing culture of their organisation and accordingly they are ready to shoulder their responsibilities so that the organisation remain number one in its business. The employers of the private organisations prefer to redeployment of their employees in case of emergency so that these employees could plug the losses in the hours of crisis . Retrenchment is their last priority.
    To remain in the safe side in the lean periods, it is always better to join a government undertaking where they would remain safe irrespective of market behaviour.

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