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    I wonder to see these people.

    Some people are unique in their own ways. They are self appointed mediator and vigilant in their social circle. They don't care if people dislike their unwanted interference or unfair butt in activities but they are too shameles to be affected by ennui of people about them. They don't miss any opportunity to carry out unnecessary blending of their ideas into personal matters of other people.
    I think they are praiseworthy for their consistency and courage to face all indecent remarks behind their back and sometimes, they are openly stopped from doing their unnecessary activities but they tolerate everything shamelessly with smile. I wonder to see such people.
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    This world is made up of all kinds of people. I personally feel that it is better to mind our own business and do not bother about others unless there is any harm to us. As long as one is harmless and does not intend anything bad to us better leave them alone.
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    There are many people who show unnecessary interest in other's issues. Some I feel it is not a good trait. If somebody asks us we can give them some suggestions. But interfering in their works is a waste of time to us and the other person also may get annoyed with our interference.
    If any person is in difficulty, helping him is something different from interfering. Definitely, we should take pains to help others when they are in need. But asking others about their activities and giving them suggestions to them in their works may not be liked by others.
    We ourselves will have many problems and issues. Let us worry about those issues. If we can come out of our own issues that will be good. As mentioned by KVRR if we have no problem with their deeds it is better not to show interest in their works.

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    I know such a person very closely with the kind of people the writer has talked about. He does not mind that people do criticize him behind his back and sometimes in front of him. He just has to do what he thinks is right, he also likes to give advice without asking in matters of others, while all the others ignore all his advice but even then he does not care about it when you ask him if you do not have self-respect, then he also gives a very strange answer. He always says that if someone does not like to speak to me or does not like my advice, he/she is no need to listen because if there is a discussion in front of me, then I will say my point, whether someone listens to me or not. I do not know he may right or not but it's nature, but I would prefer to give any advice to anyone only then when someone asks for it.
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    Shameless people are generally frank and courageous and will repeat their aggressive statement making property time to time in front of a gathering or in alone with some recipient. It is difficult to contain them as they do not mind anything even the banging by others. They are a great source of nuisance to all of us and we try to avoid them most of the time but they are like leeches and would try to cling to others whenever an opportunity comes across their ways. We must be alert and cautious of these disturbing people and ignore them and if possible keep a distance with them.
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