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    Do you revisit your contribution on

    There are many great contributions by members on different sections on ISC. I happen to visit some quality contribution by members. It was amazing to seemy contributionrefreshing after years of posting it on travel and tourism category. ISC has many important and quality work which needs revisit by members to improve ourselves in a varied capacity.
    Some consistent contributors write quality content and must not be overlooked. How do members think about revisiting pages and reading quality work on ISC?
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    Yes, this is a good thread and I am happy to acknowledge the fact that the author expressed his view. I often many a times visit pages during my free time. It refreshes the memory and it revitalizes the memory. New improvement scope is developed and new ideas filter our mind. There is something hidden in history and when we look back at the contribution, we observe that there is something that we missed out on. We learn something new by reading again the past work. Learning and relearning is a dexterity that can be mastered with patience and perseverance. Persistence keeps the fire burning within to propel the engine with the help of which our mind is compelled to express new notions.
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    It would be needles to say that we are fortunate enough to have come across so many budding writers expressing their rational views in different contributions. Such articles are quite informative and refreshing. We could have missed such valuable informations in other places since in this channel, there are clusters of writers enriching our knowledge in the different domains and it appears that without having revisited such contributions, our enjoyment would not reach to a peak level. Sometimes, I go through such contributions to refresh my mind and ultimately I attain immense joy by going through such amazing results.

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    Revisiting our own or others contributions is a continuous process especially when we are searching some reference or points which we are not getting in the present current contributions. Sometimes it makes sense to update our article to bring it to the front for the readers. It is a good policy to update and modify the article with the necessary changes either brought out due to change in technology or some other reasons like rules and regulations and change in understanding about the matter. In many sites updating an article brings new views to it and traffic to the site generally increases. I personally feel that updating our articles time to time is a good strategy for increasing the traffic.
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    One should do that. Our knowledge will be getting improved as we grow in age. We will experience many new situations and we will become more experienced. By revisiting our own contributions we may find some chances to update the content. We may find some gaps which can be filled with our newly acquired knowledge. By doing this traffic to our content may increase.
    Similarly, updating the information with the latest changes in the concerned area will make the content useful to many people. As such it is always advisable to update our knowledge and change our content also accordingly for which revisiting my contributions is good.

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