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    Greatest distraction of today's life

    In these new normal times, people are experiencing peculiar and unpredictable changes. Times have changed and people are getting used to adjustments and compromises to sustain their livelihood. Many issues are getting solved on their own because people are alert and they are prioritizing tasks that are especially urgent and important. Unimportant issues such as anger, frustration, laziness, irritation, and many other things used to be a distraction. In today's world, internet access, electronic gadgets, cellphones, and many other applications are time-consuming, which is a wastage of time due to usage of it. Youngsters of today's generations are hooked up with electronics and make no time for study. This is very sad to acknowledge that books are read by a few sections of the world. Technology is ruling the world but if technology overpowers, then it's high time to make small changes in our daily routine and break the monotony.
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    Since birth a child is grownup with the surroundings environment and adjusted with the trends of life cycle. They can not even thinks that there may be any suitable alternatives beyond their normal activities. All is dynamic in our dynamic Earth and one has to adjust himself with the effect of these. Without changing nobody can survive here. Hence we all are running towards achieving our goal with the changing scenario. Just you think about this study channel, what is this ?why you are writing here? why I am here to express my view at present day. I think one should find his answer. So when you think something in new that must come with true sense in future. And these become essential for our life in future. Invention of science technology are for our own interest. What is reasonable in present may or may not be suitable in future. So we should be happy and welcome to every invention .
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    I do agree with the author's view. We are addicted to electronic gadgets. Earlier, we were dependent on this gadget for life activity but COVID -19 made it essential for living life. I think it is good as well as bad in many cases. All school or college goer children have completely addicted to it. Not only they are using for good purpose but using it in a bad way. Nowadays, it is one of the main things of distraction among all ages. Children are being less attentive towards study whereas grown-up person also wasting their time in unnecessary engagement. This electronic gadget weakened our social relationship. There is a great need to change our lifestyle in no time.

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    True. Electronic gadgets are playing a big role these days. We will not find any person without a mobile on his/her hand. Many people spend many hours browsing social media on the internet. Many of them are getting addicted. They are not concentrating on their studies or works. They are getting distracted from their work. They are not focussing on their works or studied. Some young people will be sending messages through their smartphone very late at night also. Sometimes I receive the message at 1 AM also. Because of this, they are not able to concentrate on their studies or work. Hence they are lagging behind in their fields and not able to perform well.
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    To the extent, electronic gadgets are the useful tools and can provide essential tips in all the areas we are exploring. However, the younger generations are so much hooked to these gadgets having no time to their studies. They have lost their priorities to take up the tasks which are otherwise essential to achieve excellence in the lives. They need to learn the time management skill allocating proportionate time for each assignments and if they could do so, there would not be any issue in persuing both their hobbies for gadgets and their studies. Adhering to the discipline is the solution for many of our present issues.

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    Electronic gadgets are the best friends of a person who spends his time with. However, addiction to anything is detrimental- physically and mentally as well. Young generation every time appears to be busy with social sites. Uploading or downloading or watching videos or chatting with friends or hunting their target is the norm of the day. It has become so common for almost everyone that most of all can't imagine living without this gadget- mobile or laptop. During the lockdown, this gadget was proven as the best source of time pass. I think about how it could be a difficult time if it were not with them.
    The author has raised his concern about students that they do not focus on study, rather they waste their time on mobile. Primarily, it is the responsibility of parents why they give mobile or laptop to young children if they have their pretext that all friends of their children have these gadgets and their children also demand the same. Their pretext can be understood but they don't check on which websites he spends his time and how much time he spends. How he is studying and how much time he is giving to his study. All these aspects should be taken care of.

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    Agree, Nowadays people of every class are falling into the trap of these technologies with their own free will, the development of technology is necessary for the development of any country but it does not mean that we should be so engrossed in the world of technology that we ignore our real-world. Technology has been given to us so that we can get more information in less time, even after getting away, we can be near our people. The technology was brought in for the purpose of development of education, creation of new jobs, etc. But people are doing more misuse and wasting more time. When the technology was not at this level, even after being physically distant from each other, we have been closely related to the mind and today this technology has brought the condition that three people sitting in the same room but do not talk to each other and engage in their mobiles.

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    Slowly and slowly we are becoming addicted to these gadgets and we are, I will be telling it without exaggeration, becoming slaves of these facilities. Our lives are being dictated by these gadgets and we are forgetting all our important work and engagements in its spell. The young people are more affected because of their limited experience about the life and its objectives. Unfortunately this fad is going to stay for more time as newer technologies are embracing artificial intelligence and robotics in a big way. So, from technological point of view it is all about the progress but from human values and time management we are going to lose much in coming times. In such a complicated situation I do not know how the society will be able to get rid of this trap of application network which keeps one busy in the virtual world round the clock and at the end of the day one finds that no value was added.
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    It is the fact that from the young to the elders many are addicted to the habit of meddling with their gadgets and thus there is no time for the regular activities. In fact we were lucky that our childhood went well with out door games, rural games and above all there was more people play and less time spent at the home. The schools were not hectic and the portions were not hard. So we are not having so much home work and the last period PT would be extended to another hour of playing and thus we were having good health and also having good studies. Now the children are not having any out door activities nor sports and they stay put on the gadgets. Even elders instead of spending time with friends are now active on social media and less interaction with the others. So main distraction to our life is the cell phones.
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    Everything has some negative side associated with it and technology is no exception. Today most of the people younger ones or even the seniors, they all spend a lot of their time in online indulgences. It is true that some of them might be utilising this great opportunity to learn or work online but I doubt if all such people have such intentions and objective while sailing in the internet ocean.
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    Right, that remaining busy or consume most of the time with these electronic gadgets has become a problem for many people. Although these gadgets are for the benefit of mankind and help people do their work more comfortable. But addiction to electronic gadgets has created a problem in our society.
    Children are more glued to smartphones and laptops to play games most of the time which cause health hazards. Smartphones are a great scientific innovation for humanity and it has brought a revolution in the world. But excessive use of it has severe side effects. There is an amazing innovation in the field of technology which has given great gadgets for humanity but excessive use of technological items has negative effects as well. We should make judicious use of these gadgets to reap more benefits.

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