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    India gives the free vaccine to neighbouring countries

    India will start supplying hundreds of thousands of doses of 'Covishield' vaccine on a grant basis to key neighbours from Wednesday, beginning with 2,50,000 vaccine doses for Bhutan and Maldives.
    A press release from the Ministry of External Affairs stated that India would start supplying vaccines for COVID-19 in response to requests from neighbours and other partner countries.
    It's said in a press release:
    "In response to these requests, and in keeping with India's stated commitment to use India's vaccine production and delivery capacity to help all of humanity fight the Covid pandemic, supplies under grant assistance to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles will begin from 20 January 2021".

    The first batch of 150,000 doses of the Oxford University and AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine, manufactured by Serum Institute of India, will reach Thimpu on Wednesday morning. The second will reach Male international airport at around 2 pm with 100,000 doses of Covishield.
    Other countries like Bangladesh and Nepal are likely to receive their supplies on Thursday. The Bangladesh foreign ministry has already announced that the country will be receiving 2,00,000 doses from India.
    India will also be supplying free vaccine doses to Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Mauritius after completing the necessary regulatory clearances.
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    It is really good to note that our Vaccine is helping some people from other countries also. It is happy to note that our country is supplying this vaccine doses to other countries free of cost even in this difficult situation.
    In return, we may get some help in some other form. It is always good to be in good relations with neighbouring countries. This gesture may help in improving our stature in the international arena.
    China is also exporting its vaccine to some countries. But I think they are not supplying it free of cost. But they are selling it for a rate. I feel India is a country which will never think commercially for all the issues.

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    It is a great initiative to supply civid19 vaccines to the neighbouring countries and other partner countries. India has begun its supply to these countries from today beginning from Maldives and Bhutan followed by other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan.
    This vaccine will help break the chain of the virus and bring improvement in the health system of these countries.

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    A good gesture from the Government of India. At the same time, the people of India should also be clearly informed whether the vaccination of all the people irrespective of their financial status will be done free of cost or not. There were promises by the political parties at election times that the vaccine will be free of cost.
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    It is a positive initiative that is being undertaken by the government of India, after the epidemic has been there for a long time, the whole world was fighting unitedly with it and all were trying to prepare vaccine at their level and eventually got success. In such a situation, if this country continues to help each other, it will be considered a big step in the direction of humanity. At this tough time, everyone should help each other in every efficient way as much as possible.
    Swati Sharma

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    Indian culture and Indian history is replete with such generous events and this is something which the whole world realises about India. A few months back even USA was in grave situation and wanted a preferential supply of some medicines and India immediately obliged. This is really a big thing and few countries will be able to carve out such reputation in the world canvas. India and China these two countries are flush with manpower and with their huge manufacturing and production capacities, they can help anyone if they desire to do such humanistic actions.
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    This is very good action from India as we have to assert our strength and support to the small countries for whom we are the big boss. And India is the emerging super power and the way we have contained the covid and now the vaccine find has prompted many countries to depend on India. And as a healthy diplomatic gesture India is going to supply the vaccine of first lot for free so that the small countries gets the breather. Over the next few years these countries would be giving the best cooperation to develop their nation and Indian companies with joint venture there would be hugely benefited. Probably no country in the world has offered free vaccine and that proves India wants to develop and also wants others to develop, This attitude of India need to be appreciated by the WHO which is not uttering any word.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I just say India is great. I appreciate the government for taking this step and I am sure that the government will make it available free of cost for all Indians also

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    This Govt has time to time showcased the helpfulness and generosity of Indian people towards their good neighbours and the world is watching it. Very few Govt will think of the poor countries and underdeveloped nations and help them in times of need and especially in dreadful pandemic times. I think we all should appreciate this gesture of our Govt and definitely it will be available free of cost in our country also.
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    That's good and that will make a good image our country globally. It's always a good gesture to help the neighbouring country if we can. Modiji has always done that in the past. It's really a milestone for India and in history too our country will be remembered it.

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