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    India-Amerca relationship under Joe Biden regime

    Retired General Lloyd Austin, Defence Secretary of Joe Biden Government has been reported of saying about US-India relationship:

    "If confirmed, my overarching objective for our defence relationship with India would be to continue elevating the partnership.
    I would further operationalise India's 'major defence partner' status and continue to build upon existing strong defence cooperation to ensure the US and Indian militaries can collaborate to address shared interests,".

    His views express continuous close relations between the two countries. He was mainly focussing on mutual defence cooperation and militaries exercises. Since the Modi government has come to power India US ties in defence, trade and commerce have improved. This mutual understanding and relationship will definitely be improved when American companies will invest their money in the Indian market.
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    'Co-operation' as far as US government is concerned is simply business in their favour. It is getting their wares sold at a highly beneficial price and numbers,with many conditions stuck to it. It is also getting to buy from those countries wares needed b them at very low rates. It is getting permissions and sanctions in easy terms to allow their business to be carried out in such countries and tailoring government policies as suited to US business and strategy.

    As US does business in high value items like Aeroplanes, war materials and such addictive everyday use items like Cornflakes and Coca cola and potato chips, 'co-operation' means buying their aeroplanes, war materials and allowing all these business to run freely in our country without putting any control or restrictions.

    If there is even a single 'No' to this you can see the real colour f US coming with sanctions, denials of Visas, objections to trade with other countries etc.

    There will not be any change for these even under Biden too. In fact Biden will play more and try to extract more from India by siding with China. In fact Trump was by al means better for India. I expect some difficulties and pressures in Indo-US relationships under Bide-Kamala regime.

    US people will gradually realise Trump was better and more sincere to American interests. They may even regret his losing, very soon.

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    I am of the opinion that the good relations between India and the USA will continue and there will not be any major change in the relations as long as the present BJP government is in power in India. The comments of Retired General Lloyd Austin confirms my thoughts. The USA can't go with China as China is always in strong competition with the USA. To stop that the USA should be with India. So there may not be a major change. However, we have to wait and see for some time as there may be some changes in the approach of the new government there.
    always confident

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    I am also of the view that our relations with US will remain same and may be become better. India and US require strategic partnership in many areas and it will of be mutual benefit to both to do so.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Obviously vested interests are always on priority for US but it can be applied to all countries. US foreign policy is not unknown to us. But US always prefers India to china.
    Trump was good for India but not for US, impeachment procedure is on. Why? Reasons are not hidden.

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