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    Have you ever eaten Dragon fruit now renamed 'Kamalam'. What are it's benefits?

    Recently Gujarat government decides to change the dragon fruit name to 'Kamalam'. This fruit has many health benefits. It helps to improve the immunity system of body. Dragon fruit has nutty flavour and little sweet in taste. This fruit is very rich in contents that includes vitamin C, high fibre and no fat. It helps to boost up the iron in body and helps to cure many diseases. What is your experience with is fruit?
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    Dragon Fruit refers to the fruit of the genus Hylocereus. It is cultivated in Southeast Asia, United States, the Caribbean, Australia and Mesoamerica apart from India. The fruit is found in arid areas of Gujarat and is known for its nutritional value. It also helps in increasing haemoglobin and boosts immunity.

    We have been listening to politicians changing names of roads, cities, buildings, bridges, stadiums etc but fruit name has also been changed?
    Does it not look weird? I do not know the logic behind it. I may guess- perhaps it smells Chinese stuff. Is it the reason?

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    Yes, I have seen this fruit many times in Supermarkets or even sold by roadside vendors. It is a large pink or red-colored fruit. I never bought or ate it. The cost of this fruit is very high. Gujarat CM gave a Sanskrit name Kamalam for it as it appears to be like the lotus flower. They took a patent also for this name. It is an American originated fruit now it is cultivated in various states of India. The specialty of this fruit is, it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, probiotics, fat-free dietary fiber, minerals, etc. People say that it tastes like a mixture of pear and kiwi. It helps to reduce weight.

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    Frankly speaking though I have seen this so called dragon fruit in red color and wrapped in a plastic cover dangling in the juice shops I never ventured to taste the same because the name signifies the Chinese name to which we are haters and the shape looks very odd . Now we understand that it is not the Chinese fruit but made in Gujarat and the name has been changed to Kamalam. As the name has been changed the fruit would certainly be flooding the market and becomes more affordable to the people and I would also start tasting the same for sure. Till then wait and watch policy.
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    This is not a very common fruit being consumed in our household but we know about it and it was thought to be a fruit which came from some outside country long back as we do not have a common name for that. The name dragon is a term to represent it internationally and at the same time it is not a bad idea if we also enact some name for it so that the local people also feel an affinity to it. India is an old country with great cultural heritage but when invaders from central Asia and other parts attacked it for the gold and spices that were in abundance here, they came periodically and took valuable goodies with them. Finally they attacked it and ruled here. During that time to feel good they also changed all the names and today the Govt is slowly undoing those things and bringing back the original names. So, this is a common practice to change names to show that it belongs to us and we feel possessive about it. There is nothing unusual in it. History repeats itself. People say what is in the name. I say it is very important and if it is not important then why some people make hue and cry when names are changed.
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    The United States Vice president Kamala Harris of Indian Origin would be very pleased with Kamalam fruit as the fruit bears her name.
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    I have heard the name of the dragon fruit but have not eaten it yet. It's not a common fruit in north India. How is the taste of the same? Can someone tell with what name it's called in north India? Let me try it.

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