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    What middle classes now need to do

    We have various types of middle class people. Those employed in the Government and the banks and even quasi Govt organizations and the Public sector organizations are a good chunk of the regular income middle classes. Those from IITs and IIMs and the ISB or from the NITs with higher degrees also form a good chunk of the managerial class with good employability. Then there are the professional self employed guys like event managers, the chartered accountants, the doctors and so on.

    Every single guy in each of the categories has been affected by Covid in one way or the other. Those in all the lower rings of the economic pyramid are also in the same boat. Such middle class people need to identify new markets for employability of a new kind. For example, IT professionals who acquire a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning and allied skills, will get new opportunities. Those with the CFA qualification will positively find slots in the organizations in the Gulf or Singapore or Australia.

    Event managers are likely to be back in business when the International travel restrictions are eased. The international conference and seminar industry and the tourism industry will keep them busy. Similarly, there is likely to be a surge in professional services based on traditional medical practices. The trick is to identify what the market wants and then acquire skills. For example, those in HR will need to develop a massive grounding in the legal framework and the labor laws. The entire scenario will change in the manufacturing sector.

    The middle classes now need to change and do so, rather urgently.
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    I feel slowly normalcy will come in another 2 or 3 months and all the self-employed people will get back to their normal potential shortly. The government employees are no away got affected financially because of COVID. Many of the IT professionals are also working from home and their earning capabilities remained unchanged.
    The main problem is for the employees in the private industry we suffered because of the pandemic. Many people still are in search of jobs. People who are having some entrepreneur skills and having some financial support are trying to do something on their own.
    But other people should definitely concentrate on acquiring some new skills which are in demand so that they will find some job. Otherwise, their skills will get outdated and many companies may not show any interest in employing them.

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    I also believe that once the pandemic is contained and vaccine becomes successful in its entirety then the normalcy would return quickly and people would get back to their earlier job or a new job which would arise in that new scenario. The life is going to be tougher as a break in the job is always a challenge because after that the competition sets in and a new selection process starts.
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    What ever we lost that would be restored and those who lost the jobs would be called back again. The author has been generalizing the thing in a big way but in actual the situation is not that bad. Those who are in IT professions they are being called back to their jobs and that proves they are being lured now. And talking bout the middle class, they are the hard working lot and they change according to the demand of the time and therefore one need not worry as there are many opportunities coming in their way either through housing, infrastructure, roads, and manufacturing sectors all being poised to work more given the fillip given by the govt. So the author thought of every thing doomed is the wrong notion and only his personal opinion. If the situation was that alarming then there would have been more public upsurge.
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    The author has highlighted that how pandemic has affected middle class and he has given solution also how all professionals who belong to middle class like doctors, businessmen, IT professionals etc will cope with this situation, even they will cover up their loss going abroad too.
    But about those who are still in nadir.They are unable to come out of this situation. They have become marginalised by this pandemic. Real sufferers are these people who mainly belong to lower class.

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    No one is affected except the migrated casual labors. They too have returned to their work places and normal working is being restored now. Within two or three months, everything would become normal as before. As rightly said by Araffatuzzafar, the sufferer are from the lower class. Also the self employed small businessmen. Middle class remained without being affected. They had enough to meet the pandemic situation.
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    During the dreadful pandemic onslaught many people lost their livelihood and many lost their lucrative jobs as suddenly there was a big depression in the market and industries. Fortunately the things seem to be now containing and the vaccine introduction has also moralised the people and the ailing industries. I hope that soon we will be out of this phase and all the people especially middle and lower class will get back to their aspirations. It is also a fact that after any setback people try their best to come back to their earlier levels in whatever field they were working.
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