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    Our dreams and goals are different in childhood.

    Often, when you ask the children of the primary class what they want to become when they grow up, their answers will be something like, be a doctor, or actor, some pilot, and some want to be a teacher, etc. Nowadays the time is a little different because now more than the children, their parents are more worried about their goals, so children decide their goals at an early age. But this was not the case in earlier times, at that time children used to decorate their own small dreams and then change them. When we used to study in a nursery/primary class in school, often a new teacher or many times, our friends used to talk to each other and ask what would become in the future. This used to be a question to which we ourselves probably change the answer many times.

    You all must have dreamed of becoming something in your childhood, did you keep that dream even after growing up and fulfill it, or you too get busy with your responsibilities with the most common dream of a good job. Please tell us your experience.
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    Children do not have any perception of their career and future and just become infatuated by any profession they perceive around them. If they see a plane flying in the sky they will like to become pilot. If they see a doctor visiting their house, they will like to become doctor only. So, they attract to everything that they see first time as they become impressed by that particular get up. Kids are tender minded and do not know the intricacies of a job but would be showing their interest in any job with which they are introduced in this early stage in their lives.
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    Children don't have the maturity to decide what is the best profession for them in future. It often discussed in the classrooms among students or classmates what they want to become after completing their education or when they are grown-up or similar questions and queries are exchanged, and generally, they reply what they have seen or observed or what their parents have told about them to let them be in future, they simply reveal their hidden secrets and these secrets are often changed too because of being fickle-minded. It is our stupidity to expect them replying like a matured person.
    I tell you a fact I or my friends of class would never discuss about our future planning because we had no senses about this topic at all.

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    Lovely post from the author. The most best part of our life is the childhood and during that period we are innocent, stress free, more adored and much pampered. As the parents take care of our every needs and wants, we may not have bigger wants, But in childhood we might have demanded so many eatables, so many toys not just because we need it but others have it. The childhood tendency is to have such things which are owned by others and nothing more than that. As we grow into adult and then the old age, the wants increase as we tend to stand on the own and to the appreciation of others. Though we may not have the right finance nor the know how to acquire the things we do pitch for the materials and wants and thus fulfilling way of urgent needs and also the future needs are lined up no matter we go for credit purchase.
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    Different people will have different goals in their lives and everybody will try to achieve the goals they have in their mind. But all are not fortunate enough to achieve their goals. All depends on the individual's hard work and planning. In addition to that luck factor also will play a crucial.
    As far as I am concerned, during my education days, I set a goal regarding my career and future and luck favoured me and God helped me. I could achieve my goal and I am happy about that. I always thank God for that. I hope and expect that my remaining life will also go smoothly.
    Not that I have attained the goals easily. I have faced many adverse conditions. But I faced them and again God helped me. I could come out of all those difficult situations successfully.

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