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    Goodness is always expected from good people.

    Many times it happens that we feel that the expectations of the people are very high from us and if their expectations are not fulfilled, they also get angry with us. Even if this resentment is for a short time but it happens.

    We often feel that some more careless people around us are doing anything they want and running away from responsibility, but no one is expected from them nor do they feel bad about their behavior now because people have accepted them like that.

    But there is no need to be unhappy about this because the only reason for this happening is that, you are a nice person, therefore, you have also expected well. People can give only what they have, you are good and you can give good, be proud of it.
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    Can we define good or bad? What makes you feel good may not be the right thing for another one. So, let's look at it in a different way. Good and bad is always related to our choices but everywhere there are certain things which are acceptable and unacceptable. What is acceptable in a particular locality may not be acceptable in another locality but if people in a locality behave in an acceptable way in terms of that particular location, others generally accept those people gladly. The problem occurs when a person who has acceptability starts behaving in an unacceptable way. This sudden change in behaviour may make others unhappy but remaining unhappy is of little use. Though I would say this unhappiness is momentary and we should not be worried much about others' actions. Instead, we need to control our minds to stay happy. A lot of issues like social, political or familiar that is happening around us can make us unhappy but we can only remain in control if we can control our minds in those situations.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I have always believed that I should do good to the people as much as I can without expecting the same from them. But there are certain people who are too close to me and I expect a lot from them and if they don't respond the way I do then I feel upset.

    Recently one of my good friend who did the same and I had to remind him that you did wrong but he was so adamant that he did not admit it but after few days later he realised it and said sorry to me. I know there are people who feel shy to apologise for their folies but when they realise it they feel sorry. This fellow messaged me a sorry note and everything ended and that's how relationships work.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    The people who are self contained and who have substantial achievements in life have the tendency of goodness and they try pass on that legacy down the line. But goodness is not the born trait. It comes over the period of time as we learn from the life and also earn through the life. Those who acquired the highest wisdom do know the importance of being good to self and good to others. By being good to others we are always on the good books of them and there is no confrontation at all in issue and matter. And those who are good and good people they are surrounded by many because for those who have got the bitter experience through others behavior feels comfortable and going with good people who are the Godly figure for them. Nevertheless the good people are limited and negligible and we does not want to leave their friendship.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I agree with the author. Yes, it happens with you, me or someone else. If I am bad , nobody will expect goodness from me and all my wrong doings will be taken quite lightly but if you are a good person, then every time you should be good. if any badness comes out of you, this whole world seems to be collapsed. What an irony!
    All of us are replete with good or bad qualities and we are supposed to be good human beings and should treat every other person quite decently and always taking decorum intact. But this present world is showing some new and unprecdented norms of appreciation. Shouting at others can never be considered as a good quality of a person. It is still considered as a bad trait but large part of our society likes this stupid thing as good! Doesn't it appear weird? It may or may not be- it depends on how we take it.
    Speaking truth is one of the best quality of human but today, hiding the truth and offering lie with sophisticated style or with pretentious presentation, this lie will be taken as truth that even truth speaks meekly.
    I wonder to behold what is happening and how this whole scenario is changing and how the norms of the day have taken their root quite differently, eventually we have to change ourselves or should stitch our lips.

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    We are surrounded by all types of people in the society. Some of them are very good, some good, others might be neutral or indifferent, while some are bad, and some might be even very bad and aggressive. We have to live among them as we have not much choice. Still it would be better if we only company with the like minded people as that is the best way to attain calm, peace, and happiness of the mind. It is not advisable to have company with offensive and aggressive people who are searching for you to fight or pass their time. A bad company is a continuous peril and one must be alert on that account. We cannot improve others but we can behave with others in a proper and gentlemanly manners to keep the atmosphere healthy and warm. If more and more people join this doctrine, the world would be a better place to live.
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    Normally good people never change their goodness on any situation. A situation read by me in the life of Socrates. Once Socrates was sitting in a bank of water shed with his friend. While they were talking interestingly a scorpion was moved on the hands of Socrates and bite him. Without knowing this Socrates just shake his hand but the scorpion fell into the water. Noticed Socrates suddenly took out the scorpion and let the same on the ground but again the scorpion bite on his palm and went out. By seeing this his friend asked him why he lifted the scorpion out of water on first bite as it bite him again. Socrates calmly replied,' friend! biting is its nature but helping others is my nature. When it did not changed his nature by knowing my help, why should I change my nature?'
    Similarly no good person change his mind for others on any situation. In Tamil there is a saying though poor good people as good people - Kettaalum Men Makkal Men MakkalE.

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    When we think positively we expect others also to think in a similar fashion. Similarly, when we are good we expect others also to be good with us. One should try to be always good with others. We should never think of doing any harm to others. If everyone follows this point, everybody will be happy. But unfortunately, people will never follow this. Again we think that we helped somebody. But what the other fellow thinks about us is not known. He may feel that we are interfering with their work. So we also should see the mentality of the other person and then only think of helping him or advising him always. What is good for you may not be good for the other person. So never take anything completely in our perspective only. Let us also consider the feelings and thoughts of the other person.
    always confident

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