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    Accepting double shift duty in continuation

    The manufacturing companies would have three shifts daily and run all through the year. The staff are controlled and distributed through the three shifts by routine wise roaster and some times the same employee is asked to extend the working hours to another shift and that means he need to work for 16 hours at a stretch and that proves to be very taxing and bad for health. But the employee would get the extra salary and other benefits. Do you agree to the extra shift policy of some companies and what may the best alternative for them.
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    If a person is willing to continue his shift and work for 16 hours at a stretch, we cannot stop him doing that. He is happy with the extra money he gets for his work. It is he who should care his health, not the organization. An organization would like to see the work progressing uninterrupted, and would compensate the worker with extra payment. Look at the state transports where a driver performs the duty of a conductor also. The driver is paid extra for doing the job of a driver as well as conductor. The bus corporation is also benefitted.
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    When you have a choice to accept working at a stretch for two shifts, I think it depends on the person whether to accept it or not. Generally, this happens when there is a shortage of staff to carry out a job in that particular shift or an employee may wilfully work for two shifts continuously because of the benefits associated with it. For any organization, the well-being of the employees is essential because if the workforce is not fit there will be a hamper in production. It also depends on the type of work one is doing. If the work is strenuous then working continuously for two shifts is not a good option and employees should avoid it even if it has monetary benefits. Sufficient rest is a must if enough strain, physical or mental is associated with the work. At times, even in works where there is no visible physical strain like working with a computer/laptop all the time, proper rest is essential. Sitting in the same posture and looking at the same screen at a stretch is not at all good for our health. The best alternative is to engage more manpower and distribute the shift equally so that nobody is stressed. Though in every industry some unavoidable situation can always arise and then the employees may feel the temporary stress.

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    Especially, in industries which run for twenty fours, the duty of staff and labour are divided in Shifts. When I was working in a textile mill which was my first job also, one day I happened to work for 24 hours and working for 16 hours was common for us because after a certain period we had to do work in double shifts because of changing of shift. Once it also happened that I had to work for 36 hours continuously. I still member that I slept on a chair in a sitting posture.
    Working for extra hours wasn't a burden at all. because we would get a double wage of a day. I was in time office as a clerk.

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    But the over riding work hours sought due to paucity of labor force which abstains.
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    Actually companies should employ sufficient people to avoid such situation. It is not ethical to ask a person to work for two shifts continuously. Of course the worker will be ready to do it in the greed for money. Earlier, I remember there was a provision of over-time allowance in the Govt departments and people came to house after completing the work late as they usually did 1- 2 hours of overtime daily which fetched them good money. My father came from his office only at 8 or 9 PM in the late evening in a happy mood that he had earned the over-time on that day also. Now I think Govt has abolished this practice. In private companies to save money they will hire less number of people and will like that the people should do two shifts in continuation. So, this is a good technique to save money on one person's salary by giving a small token amount to the existing employee for additional shift duty. In fact, as per labour laws it is illegal to do so.
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    It is become common in many working places with the consent of the concerned employee. The management normally does not interfere in this as however they got their work done in time. One way this is good in case of some employees as they can do their urgent work in that hours. In some situations, the necessity also came as the reliever got some unavoidable problem. Similar things happened to my father even as a Government Staff after doing night duty as a staff of choultry, then in Hospital, run by Municipal Corporation that too at his retirement stage. But he never got annoyed in such situations.

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    When the manufacturing process is a continuous process and the work has to go uninterruptedly sometimes it happens that some employees have to continue their work for 16 hours and they will get Over Time for that working. This amount will be double of generally what he gets for 8 hours working. As per Labour laws also overtime is acceptable but there is a maximum limit for that. If an employer is making some of his employees to work overtime for more than the prescribed limits, he is liable to be prosecuted.
    In the interest of the company, workers have to accept once in a while such continuous working. Some workers when they want to have an off, they will change the shift with another worker and they work for two shifts continuously and the next day they will not come for the duty. The other person with whom this worker changed the shift will work in his place.

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    As far as health parameter of a worker working in shifts is concerned, engaging a worker continuously for two shifts would deteriorate if he is exposed to such an environment continuously. After all they are the workforce of the management engaged in the jobs for the better productivity of the organisation and deputing them in this fashion would would arrest the fall of production at the cost of exposing the employees to the hazardous health condition. Whatever the nature of job it is certainly not a favourable situation in respect of their health. In some of the jobs in steel industry as for example the working condition in the Blast Furnace requires a worker to be attentive at every four for tapping the hot metal from the furnace at a high speed having high temperature and any delay on that may spoil the entire hot metal. The process itself is very exhaustive demanding a lot of rest. The employer should make roaster of shifts with some additional workers to manage a particular shift without taxing the health of the workforce.

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    When our economy is running to a slower face ,the employers' are trying to achieve their target by reducing their employees as a measures of cost control, in the other hands these adversely affected our economy. There are specific rules as per labor employment act not to engaged on such extra shift in normal situation. But it become a practice to most private sectors Industries. Due to less take home salary, the workers are always show their interest to work extra time to earn extra overtime payments .Even many Industries does not pay the minimum wages according to the payment of wages act to their workers. Under the situation Rules and regulation made by the Govt. should be strictly followed by the Industry and also the Labor Union. As such their will be sufficient Manpower as per rules in the Factory, more Employment opportunities will occur, Payment will also hike according to Price Index. Development trends will also rise. But until the Govt and Employer will follow these guideline nothing is to happen.
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    When many people go on leave at the same time then management has no alternative except to request the persons to repeat the duty in the next shift also. Some people decline it while some happily accept it as it provides them additional cash. But one should not accept it on a routine basis as that would make the management think that this is a good way to pay some amount to the workers and then get work from them. Why they do not employ the extra people may be on temporary basis to manage during that difficult time as they cannot refuse leave to the other people.
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    In general, most of the company has a normal working shift of 8 or 9 hours which is quite enough according to the human ability, yet if the requirement is needed, if the workers are asked for more work and in return, they get an overtime amount or bonus, etc. if given, it is appropriate for this to extend for more 3 hours work time, but more work then this, can cause problems for workers health. It is better to avoid work continuously and try to call workers for a few hours on a holiday and provide them extra payout for this, to consider both the interest of the employees and the company.
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